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Which Proteins To Eat During Pregnancy

Which Proteins To Eat During Pregnancy
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Motherhood is one of the most beautiful and key experiences of a woman’s life but eating the right foods, especially proteins during pregnancy, may be something many pregnant women may not be aware of, or ignore its importance. Eating the right foods, especially proteins, in this day and age often poses a challenge, but eating wisely and eating the right proteins during pregnancy is really crucial, since a mother to be is eating for two, and the development of the baby growing within her womb is dependent on the foods which she eats.

Proteins consist of amino acids which contribute in the development and repair of our body’s cells and that of the baby’s body as well. Eating adequate amounts of protein during pregnancy is vital since this is the time when the baby is developing inside you and your body is changing and growing bigger to accommodate the baby in the womb as well.

How much protein should a pregnant woman consume?

Pregnant women generally require around 45 to 75 grams of protein per day, depending on their weight and activity levels. It is always wise to consult your gynecologist and ask them to provide you a personal diet plan to take care of your body’s and the baby’s needs during pregnancy. It is always recommended to maintain a diet diary and monitor your protein and nutrition levels on a weekly basis, and get them reviewed by your doctor from time to time.

The importance of protein for pregnant women

 Including protein in your diet is important for the health of both the mother and the unborn child. When pregnant women take adequate amounts of protein, it helps them in maintaining or stabilizing their blood sugar levels, which in turn lowers the risk of gestational diabetes.

Benefits of protein for pregnant women

 Eating more protein during pregnancy also helps the pregnant women gain more muscle as compared to fat and decreases the chances of getting obese. The intake of proteins also mitigates the side effects like anemia, morning sickness, dizziness and fatigue during pregnancy. Women who eat the right amount of protein while pregnant also have better immune systems than the ones who do not. Research has indicated that eating protein during pregnancy can mitigate or remove side effects such as weight loss, sore muscles, fatigue, frequent infections and fluid retention during pregnancy.

Sources of Protein

 The best sources of protein are organically produced eggs, fish, chicken or other lean meat. Fish high in mercury content, such as shark, should be avoided, although pomfret and shrimp are allowed. Vegetarians can eat beans, fruits and vegetables high in protein, especially bananas, which contain good amount of protein. Milk, curd and soya beans are excellent sources of protein as well and so are sprouts and lentils, so your daily protein requirements can easily be met, whether you are vegan or not.

Hope you liked my advice and will incorporate these foods in your diet when there is good news on the way! I am looking forward to hearing from you and will come back with another write up full of parenting tips and tricks. Do write to me in the comments section, if you have any queries, suggestions or even if just want to say “hi”. Ciao till the next time!



Aarti Puri Aarti Puri is Harvard educated and the founder and CEO of Magnolia Kids, a primary school. She is a psychologist, writer and teacher trainer. She's starting her YouTube Video channel for moms and kids soon!




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