About Us

The Mom Store has been started with the vision to provide the best product for the Mom and her Baby. A mother is the most important care giver in the first few years of a child's life, yet there are limited products available around the needs and various stages of motherhood. 

Today's mothers are independent, smart, and do their research well to understand what is best for themselves and their babies. We intend to provide products that will make life simpler but at the same time look good. Products which are useful yet trendy. Products that will meet your demands, yet be fashionable. And last but not the least, products of utmost quality and care. Because there is no one else like Mommies.

The Mom Store has been started by a mom herself, who struggled to find good products that were practical and useful. This is hence an endeavour to focus on products a mother will want for herself and her baby as she embarks on her motherhood journey. 

Stay Tuned, and Happy Motherhood!

Founder & CEO: Surbhi Bhatia

Company Details: Quriosity Learning


HOBLI, BENGALURU EAST, Bengaluru (Bangalore) Urban, Karnataka,