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Tips To Reduce Screen Time In Kids

by Geetanjali Rajaur 05 Mar 2022 0 Comments

Screen time is the most concerning topic nowadays for each and every parent. Kids like to spent long time in front of TV, Tab,video games, mobile phone etc. especially nowadays it is going to increase more as school already started virtual mode, before kids used to watch TV and cell phone for their entertainment purpose but since 2 years our whole world is move to Virtual, either it is school, work or any other purpose even we all dependent on technology now a days in this Pandemic,kids are sitting infornt of mobile screen without any time restriction, but the most concerned part of this is our child's eyes due to excessive screen time is increasing day by day.

Earlier we use to play board game with siblings , joint families but nowadays mostly single children are there and nuclear families, in this way children only depend on the mobile devices and even now due to Covid they are not even able to go outside for some physical activity or play. No friends , no school so they only find an easy solution which is digital devices like TV, phone or Tab…

Here are some tips to avoid/reduce there screen time

  • Play with them – We as parents need to take out some free time for children and it is very important for their physical health too. We should play with our kids at least once a day. Daily after their virtual school you can take out some free time for them and can decide to do different outdoor activities or playing games with them, in this way they will come more close with their parents and their screen time can cut down. Take them to park ,let them make new friends encourage their social skills.when you are not free ask to invite their friends to home or you can plan their play time ,always encourage them for outdoor games instead of online games.
  • Talk to them – we know that we all have busy scheduled either the mom is a homemaker or a working mom, but if you are working then try to communicate with them spent quality time , just ask them to sit with you and at the end of the day instead of watching TV or phone times you can discuss with them about their class, any other topic etc.
  • Drawing/Coloring – Ask them to take out their drawing books and colors and start coloring with them, in this way they will enjoy coloring and as toddlers like to copy so if we start doing participate with them they will love to do these kinds of activities. Not only drawing any other activity which your child likes to enjoy.
  • Read Story for them – Try to take out some time for your kids to read stories with them or for them. Reading stories all together enhances their reading skills as well as speaking skills also.Inspire them by Reading real life hero stories  And this way you can limit screen time itself and they learn something new.
  • Ask them for help – Yes, you can ask them to help you with your Daily life household chores. I used to ask my child to fill water bottles with me, he helped in folding his clothes, he arranged his toys after playing, he arranged his study table by himself, he arranged his shoes in the shoe rack also. So like this there is so much other work which you can ask them to do and in this way they will engage.

This is my experience which I am sharing with you all. I hope it will work for all the mothers here.

Share your experience and opinion on this topic.

How do you manage to reduce the screen time of your child?

Do reply in the comment section.

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Geetanjali is a mother of a 4 years old little champ, whose name is Kian. By professional she is an MBA who worked in the corporate sector for 7 years, but after giving birth, he is the only priority. Now , she is a part time mom blogger, a part time home tutor. She also makes learning videos on youtube for kids and food recipes. She is a full time mother who loves to share knowledge and try new things.

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