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4 Ways to Encourage Creativity in Kids

by Sowmya Puttaiah 08 Jun 2022 0 Comments



Thinking is an art, and being creative is a skill. All children do not possess the same level of interest in every subject. We need to admit that every child is different and so level of creativity in children. Forcing or compelling them to a certain stream of interest will hinder their imaginative power. Creativity is not just limited to a certain sphere of ideas; it varies with every kid and their age as well. Creative activities or independent thinking can improve your child's mood and well-being, which in turn helps in their socio-economic development.

Here are four ways to give your child a chance to explore their imagination and tap in their own creative ideas.

  • Let their ideas flow

 Every idea is the outcome of varied questions. Give your child the freedom to question and answer them with a question. It makes your child feel addressed in their thoughts. A response to “What does that mean?” could be “What do you think it could be?” Every time, encourage your child to come up with as many answers as possible like creative thinker.

  • Give them free blocks of time

Your child needs the freedom to think about their own thoughts. Give him or her certain free blocks of time for creative hobbies apart from their academics. Only when you let your child thoughts in their own space, you will know what their real interest lies in. When you restrict them even in their own free time trying to impose your thoughts will only hamper their creative thinking skills. There is no creation on the grounds of restriction.

  • Dance with your child

Dancing creates a positive environment for children's healthy development. To dance is to feel. Dancing increases levels of the feel-good hormones serotonin and helps to develop neural connections in regions involved with spatial recognition. When you dance with your child it is not just the therapy that helps but the time you spend with them creates an evergreen memory. It will help your child to be more approachable to you with their ideas.

  • Ignite the Spark

Children are naturally curious; they need some support system to help them burst their curiosity to innovations. In supporting your child you should know their area of interest. Some children may not be outspoken with their doubts, for them you should narrate examples from a fairy tale or a real hero, just to observe what their thought process around it is. Your children may go through a similar story reading at school but they may not feel it right as it is just part of the regular academics.

Let your child imagine at their own pace, give those adequate materials to create things out of their imagination, and let them reflect on their entire process.

Creativity is not an inborn gift; it is something your child would upskill through the process of learning from their original ideas. Do not force it, let it happen naturally. Be their best guide and always the go-to person in their entire process of intellectual development. Every child is gifted with amazing talents, letting them build up or destroy them with your doubts and societal pressures is purely in the hands of parents. Let your child create their own imagination.


Sowmya is an eVean teacher, writer , artistic thinker and kathak dancer . She grew up in Bengaluru, known for its pleasant and moderate climate throughout the year. Every person is unique and the best is most often hidden, she wants to bring them out through her writings.


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