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Tips to Deal with Unhealthy Eating Habits In Kids

Being a Mamma of 15 months old baby boy; my day begins with the thought, "aaj kya healthy banau Namit ke liye?" As the world grapples with a pandemic like...

Tips to Deal with Unhealthy Eating Habits In Kids


Being a Mamma of 15 months old baby boy; my day begins with the thought, "aaj kya healthy banau Namit ke liye?" As the world grapples with a pandemic like all the parents I too want to ensure my son is well supplied to face future challenges. So, it’s vital to inculcate healthy eating habits into the kids. But it is not that easy to make the kids eat healthily. If you too are one of these worried parents then read on to find out how you can promote healthy eating among your kids.

Let’s first understand why a large chunk of kids these days develop unhealthy eating habits. 

Here Are A Few Major Reasons for Kids Favouring Junk over Healthy

  • We associate childhood with eating unhealthy. Chocolates, cakes, cookies, etc. are among the edibles that are most favoured by kids. Hence we do not stop our kids.
  • Children are usually not believed to like healthy eating. So to keep them happy, we promote unhealthy eating.
  • We get too tired of pushing kids to eat healthily and give up.
  • We do not believe that our kids eat unhealthy as at least one vegetable is consumed by them every day.
  • We do not want to keep the kids hungry.
  • If kids want to eat something, there is no way we can force them to do otherwise
  • Tips to Promote Healthy Eating in Kids

    Many parents want to understand how to deal with this problem. No matter; what age group your kids are in, you can always start afresh. And create better eating habits among them. This is a great way to change the directions of a child. Below are some tips that can help the parents start promoting better eating among their kids:

    Stock only healthy food - 

    Although kids always want to eat less nutritious and junk food, parents have to be in charge when deciding what foods should be stocked at home? Kids will have to eat whatever is available in the fridge.

    Ensuring kids have a say in what they eat -

    Make sure your kids think they have a say in everything. If kids can choose what they eat they will have more confidence in eating healthy.

    Schedule snack and mealtime -

    Give kids the freedom to have small snacks once a day. This will make sure they do not feel they are being forced to eat healthily.

    Start them young -

    The preferences about food start early and thus it is vital to offer healthy food options as early as possible for kids.

    Stop stereotyping kids menu -

    It is a myth that kids only want to eat junk food. Most kids are willing to experiment only if the parents start offering more healthy options to the kids.

    Count the calories in drinks – 

    Kids usually get sweetened drinks and soda that add extra calories. If you wish to give kids something to drink, then stick with water and milk and juices sometimes.

    Don’t express love through Food -

    Parents should start finding better ways to express their love for kids. Foods are usually used to reward kids which promote unhealthy eating and this makes kids use food to cope with any problem.

    I prefer giving a little more freedom and preferences to my son. This will let him experiment and understand which option of healthy food he prefers the most. 

    Dear Parents; I request you to provide your kids with multiple healthy food items rather than pushing them to eat what they have in their plates and later demanding for unhealthy food items. 

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