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My pregnancy took a toll on my body and mind, especially amid a pandemic. Life changes when you have a baby. Honestly, it caused distress but brought joy which was never experienced before. Motherhood is an exceptionally delightful journey, but the most special moment is its inception. Here are a few special incidences from my pregnancy's initial months:

Travel - The Chitkul Trip

It was December 2020 a day before Christmas eve, I was supposed to be leaving for Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh from Delhi with my husband and a few friends. My date was due, but I thought maybe it got delayed due to the trip or so. I overlooked it completely while leaving for Delhi. But when I reached there it was chilling cold and intolerable cool breezes. Honestly, it was not my first ever trip to extremely cold places, but still, the Chitkul cold experience was different. It was One extreme excursion I should say, whether temperature or amenities, getting by in Chitkul during December end isn't everybody's cup of tea.

Even during its beginning, I had a few doubts that I may be pregnant in the wake of missing dates. I decided to go for a pregnancy test after coming back from the trip. So that I can enjoy the trip without any inhibitions. Additionally, I chose to hide it from my husband. If not, He would have dropped the trip and being a travel freak I don't want to miss the outing to the mighty Himalayas.

The only things to survive in such a cold temperature are a bonfire, room heater, and an old monk(if you know you know). If you go by the locals, to survive such a cold, local drinks, and rum helps. I decided consciously to skip the old monk and a few local drinks such as Rashi, Moori(although I memorized the names).

Some more special memories from the trip:


  • I hopped on snowfall, ran happily on roads filled with snow, danced to Bollywood numbers (such as Recreating geet moment aka yeh Ishq haye song) completely unaware of the fact that life is inside me.
  • One of the fondest memories from the trip is bath time. We used to wait for the water to melt then heat it with a heating rod. I dont skip a bath for even one day even though it was a chilled place (-15 degrees). In fact, I carried buckets filled with plenty of water for bath from the ground floor to the first floor (floor where we were staying).

Tests - Test Kit and Sonography

After returning from the trip, I checked using Test kits and found it positive. To be doubly sure, I went to visit a gynecologist. After sonography was done by my doctor, I got confirmation that It was 6th weeks of pregnancy. That feeling was different and cannot be expressed in words. Also, I thought thanks to my pregnancy now I can eat anything now without counting on calories at least for a year or so periods of time.

As told by my doctor, the first trimester is the time when the mother needs to be extra cautious in every sense. All the things she said to follow, I had already broken most of the rules in my first two months unknowingly in my unplanned babymoon. From climbing treacherous steps to jumping and running frantically on snow paths to trekking in the Himalayas, I did what I was not supposed to do.

While returning home from the doctor's clinic, I told my husband jokingly that if we have a son, we will name him Chitkul. Now I have a daughter whom we nicknamed SPITI(also related to the Himalayas).

One fun thing happened after I reached home, I puked. My husband said jokingly, “nothing happened to you in the last one and a half months, and now when you know you are pregnant, you started vomiting. How filmy you are.” I blame everything on my psychology.

Let me know in the comments how was your first trimester or any challenging or fun moments during your Healthy pregnancy.

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Sharbani Ghosh is a Delhi based blogger willing to explore her creative writing skills. She is a new mom who works full time in a software firm as Senior QA engineer. She loves to write short stories , blogs and also been part of one anthology. She is passionate about traveling and runs a blog on Travel, Fashion, and Lifestyle.
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    Wow I have never read such a fun filled article by someone who is expecting and an avid traveller… And you named your daughter Spiti …truly shows your love for travel… I must say I throughly enjoyed the journey and visualized you and Arindham in the conversations exchanged… Would love to hear more of your journey… Btw Sharbani you have an amazing gift of the gab.. plus your way of expression makes one visualize … Perfect combo to start a Podcast that am sure will touch the emotions and hearts of so many !! Looking forward to hear more from your mom journey and travel on blogs , youtube , instagram and podcasts :)
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