The Importance Of Being Happy During Pregnancy


Pregnancy, as we all know and understand, is more than just a part or a phase of most women’s lives. It is a blessing. It is something that makes a woman a mother, something that changes her life and priorities. The nine months of pregnancy are no less than a roller coaster ride. In these nine months, a woman undergoes unaccountable physical health, mental health ,hormonal, and psychological changes that often get ignored by those around her.

Stress of any kind can easily affect her well-being as well as the well-being of the unborn baby she is carrying. It is thus of utmost importance to ensure that the woman is happy and pampered during her pregnancy. Here’s what happens if a pregnant woman is stressed or sad over any marital, family, or physical issue bothering her.

The ill-effects of not being happy during pregnancy:

  • First-off, being sad or stressed causes a direct effect mental health condition on mother and  baby inside the womb. A woman’s body undergoes hormonal changes during every weeks of pregnancy and stress of any sort can cause emotional and traumatic effects on the baby, even though the baby is still in the womb.
  • Many times, the baby’s physical growth remains great but over time, once the baby is born, they seem to show signs of fear over regular circumstances. They get easily scared and are emotionally weak.
  • A few cases are also recorded where the babies have turned out to be overly sensitive to situations. For example, they tend to easily cry over a little emotional movie scene or even at the slightest argument of elders.
  • If a pregnant woman has undergone immense emotional distress or sadness during her pregnancy, it leads to mental health issue for mother also the baby too may later show signs of depression when the times get tough. Such children are more prone to being psychologically weak.
  • In early stages ,1st trimester of pregnancy, any sort of heavy physical activity or mental stress can also lead to a miscarriage or premature birth. That’s why the first 3 months are said to be the most critical months of pregnancy.
  • Most important of all, when a woman is stressed, she loses out on enjoying the most precious phase of her life – her pregnancy, where week by week she can feel the baby grow in the womb and feel a sense of love and connection already as a part of her is developing inside her.

Women when pregnant undergo a lot of physical and psychological changes from weight gain during pregnancy  to skin discoloration to facial hair growth and so on. These may make them feel less attractive or may lower their confidence. It is thus very important to keep a pregnant woman happy by spending quality time with her, complimenting her, offering her food that she loves to eat, pampering her with some gifts or things that uplift her mood and make it a healthy pregnancy. As they say, a happy mother makes a happy child, and a happy babies is a healthy babies. Hence, efforts should be made to make the 9 months as blissful as possible.


Mrs. Grover is a branding and communications professional. She has over a decade of experience in writing and is inspired by the power of content every single day. She loves to write on matters related to love, life, health, beauty, business, and (now that she’s expecting her first) motherhood. 

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