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The First Trimester : Dealing with the blues

Of course the first trimester begins with the good news clubbed with excitement. But I’d be honest in admitting that this was the most uncomfortable phase of my pregnancy. It...

Hello mommies to be!

So you just got that good news and you are going to be a parent in a few months. Congratulations! 

Of course the first trimester begins with the good news clubbed with excitement. But I’d be honest in admitting that this was the most uncomfortable phase of my pregnancy. It has its own cons. You may not look pregnant yet but the hormonal changes in your body will make sure that you feel pregnant all the time. I don’t intend to scare you but be prepared for the following:

  1. Mood Swings- Yes! You’d not have control over your thoughts. One moment you’d be high, the next you’d feel low (I mean really really low) But there is one thing that will keep you going- the excitement of hearing the heart beat of your baby somewhere around the sixth week.
  2. The nausea- it is not just morning sickness, it was all day sickness for me. It may vary from person to person though but food aversions and constant nausea is what I went through. In fact I lost 5 kgs during the first trimester as I could hardly eat. Since I knew I was pregnant I forced myself to eat healthy but during the first trimester it is just not possible. It is only now that I realize I was trying too hard. All this will end in a few weeks. Just do not be conscious about what you eat. Yes! This might sound strange but your eating preferences may change. You may end up eating things that you never liked and begin to hate your favourite food. Eating health every single day is just not possible. Eat what you want, stay hydrated, snack well and pop that prenatal pill. That’s the mantra!
  3. The thought that this will last forever: You may feel that these changes in your body will continue to grow and this will last throughout your pregnancy but to your surprise the second trimester will come as a relief. 
  4. When to share the news?- You may not be prepared to share the news with people around you at this point except your family and close friends. At times you may feel like sharing it with a colleague or your boss when they assign you more work and you don’t feel like doing it. Not everybody is good at keeping secrets. Most people prefer sharing the BIG NEWS after the first trimester is over as it is also easy to hide and there are several superstitions associated with it. But there is no right time to spill the beans. Do it whenever you feel is the time. 
  5. Going shopping for the baby- In the first trimester you may also feel like preparing for a nursery and end up surfing the internet for those adorable tiny stuff. It is irresistible. First trimester is a little premature phase for this. You can go ahead with the shopping in the second trimester when you feel more comfortable and you’d have ample of time to decide over things.
  6. Tender Breasts: This is another painful experience. The breasts would become so tender that women like me who prefer sleeping on their stomach would find it painful. 

Here are informative blog which tells about how to stay positive after pregnancy.

To get over the first trimester blues you can feel positive about having nice lustrous healthy hair- the hair fall would reduce, hearing your baby’s heart beat for the first time, seeing the first ultrasound images, you would also not be poured with unwanted advices till the time you continue to keep your pregnancy a secret, you can continue sleeping on your belly, your clothes would still fit, all the pampering and you have so much to look forward to. Enjoy!


Dr. Krati Rajoria is an Assistant Professor of Law, She has 8 years of teaching experience. She enjoys writing. She has authored books on areas of law that interest her. She is 7 months pregnant and expecting her first baby. Connect with her on Facebook or Linkdin.

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