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My Affirmative Visualization Tool for Positive Pregnancy

by Esha Bhavin 12 Jul 2021 0 Comments


Ever since Qaynaat (My Darling Daughter) was introduced to the world, this gorgeous creature, the Pink Flamingo has always been symbolic of her! And my husband and I have had many questions about this… Why Flamingo? It has always intrigued everyone as to why we choose this particular creature for introducing our ‘Universe’, and hence this HAD to be documented.

A flamingo is symbolic of Grace, Confidence and Balance. The three top qualities we want our daughter to adorn. The most important being balance; mental balance and to be stable in conditions of crisis as life ain’t a bed of roses!

The creature is always seen balancing itself with dignity, poise and confidence on one leg and that itself has so many learnings to adapt from.

It is also a symbol of loyalty towards the pack. Flamingos are fiercely loyal towards their pack and bond genuinely, a yet another beautiful quality to adapt and implement!

Some of the qualities that struck our hearts and worthy of documentation are featured in this blog, which is definitely an outpour of emotions for my husband and me.

Wade into life

First things first and fact is fact! Life happens are we are destined to wade through it. So sailing through this special journey, or rather a roller coaster is the only option we have and hitting the ups and downs of this journey (more precisely the downs) with an optimistic outlook is the only way through!

Stand out in the Crowd

My mom always told me, “Why fit in? when you were born to stand out! Your unique self is the greatest asset you have and that is your main “magic wand” at any point and any situation in life! So celebrate that Unique self of yours as ‘Only’ you can be you, and that is your superpower!!

And it's definitely OKAY to not follow the masses as sometimes you see, the M is silent!!

Spend time with Your Flock

Bonding and spending quality time with the quality people in your life and being fiercely loyal to this pack is an extremely important quality and very rare! ‘Quality supersedes Quantity any day and keeping a small but genuine circle of people around is a very uplifting and fulfilling thought process.

Find the Right Balance  

Striking the balance, more precisely balancing the mind is a very rare and challenging quality to learn and to adapt. Once we master it, we become unshakable and surrender to the Supreme God or the higher power, the Almighty!

Show your True Colour

This quality is the need of the hour! To be able to stand up for yourself and to take a clear side. ‘People pleasing’ and trying to make everyone happy is a very outdated thought process. Being who you are and always being the same, automatically makes you a pleasant personality, so why fake?

Keep your Beak Clean

Character and Dignity are the ultimate assets any human would ever possess! Keeping them strong and intact is what we thrive for each day to make our families proud! And minding our own business is the ultimate bliss, isn’t it?

Don’t Afraid to Get Your Feet Wet

Life is about taking risks…and chasing your dreams and beliefs! Taking chances and those calculative risks might work wonders if you back them up with your grit, dedication and hard work! So get your feet wet and step out victorious in ‘Faith’!

All of this is the ultimate beauty for us and hence, Flamingo!!

And perceiving all these qualities for the entire 9 months and visualising them for my baby has made my connection with her so divine, right from the womb and I see all of these in her. This tool has helped me stay connected to God and be at peace always and has left the most positive impact on my life!

So all the pregnant mommies, start your affirmative visualisation wheels rolling and witness the Divine Connect and Peace on your most important journey of life! 

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Esha Bhavin Shah is a Pharmacy Academician by profession, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner & Trainer by passion (Corporate & Academia), PhD Research Scholar, Blogger & Content Writer and kinaesthetic performer by heart!

Mama Q (Mother to Qaynaat) 

Mother to my baby blog #lettingtheinnerinkFLOW

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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