A Physiotherapist Can Be Your Best Friend During Your Pregnancy.



Hello readers, I am Monika Dhakad back with another article or my experience. A few days back I was having severe hand and neck pain. My daughter Kashvi was not well. I was holding her day and night. Maybe that’s the explanation why pain emerged.

I consulted a Physiotherapist. She told me that I am having De Quervain Syndrome. The name sounds a little bit to worry about. Trust me, she just changed my whole perception towards Physiotherapists. In one sitting, I felt the difference. That’s without any medicine. She counseled me with some compensatory hand moments for my day-to-day routine. I had spent so much money on pain relief gel and medicine before for the same. 

I was so impressed with her treatment. So I asked her more about the physiotherapist’s role in women’s life. How they can help us in many stages of our life. Are you ready to know more? Here we go.

  • A physiotherapist helps you with prenatal pregnancy postures. This helps in reducing the strain in the lower back and also helps to deal with discomfort in pelvic joints. Even many women face issues with breathing during pregnancy. Breathing exercises play a vital role in pregnancy.
  • A physiotherapist helps you with postnatal (post-pregnancy). Post-play by women’s health gets impacted badly. In India, post-pregnancy we take more than a week of body massage. It is in our culture. Delivering a baby is not something one can get over with a massage. A genuine physiotherapist will lead the way firmly to make you a fitter person.
  • Numbness in hand during pregnancy and in new mother (Carpal Tunnels Syndrome). The swelling in the hand compresses the underlying structure. This leads to numbness and swelling in fingers and palms. A physiotherapist helps you to deal with that too and make your move pain-free.
  • Incontinence during pregnancy. Many women suffer from urine leakage throughout the pregnancy and even a few experience it even after pregnancy. We all know how much our body changes during pregnancy to accommodate the baby. So one can consult a physiotherapist. They guide you with a Kegels exercise and will train your bladder. Even they provide some diet plan.
  • If you are a working mother, who has all the responsibilities house, kids, and work. You must know what body ache means and the pills you take to deal with the routine. Those pills harm so extensively. You don’t even realize what syndrome you are inviting next. Consulting a physiotherapist for any kind of body discomfort and aches is the best option.

Trust me after talking with my physiotherapist, I realized that my pregnancy would have been much more comfortable if I had such a physiotherapist in my journey.


Monika Kothari is a blogger outside the experience in import and export company as a Public Relation Executive, Marketing Executive in outdoor media firm. She is a house wife and a mother of beautiful daughter. She is passionate about writing her experience and sharing to the world. 

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  • Posted on by Sejal Daglia
    I am glad di that I could help you with your ache and made you Lil more informative about the importance of physiotherapy. And I am so happy that you are spreading the word about the same because still alot of them are unaware of the importance of physiotherapy. It’s so good that all your articles turn out to help some or the other person😁
  • Posted on by Monika Kothari
    Thank you
  • Posted on by Lata
    Hey Monika I also relate to your post. Even in my life physiotherapist plays important role. And yes throughout our life physiotherapist helps at every stages. Nice information n well explained.
  • Posted on by Vipin Mehta

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