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Precautions to be taken during first trimester

by Guest Blog 25 Jul 2019 0 Comments


Pregnancy Tips for First Trimester

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of life that parents can experience. The planning that goes in, the anticipation of missing monthly cycle of menstrual period and that anxiety while doing a pregnancy test; the entire experience cannot be described in words. While family members and close relatives are delighted by the news, only a mother can understand this out of the world feeling when she cares for her unborn baby with palms over her belly, having butterflies and that feeling of someone would grow inside her! From your maid to your grandmothers, you get tons of pampering and advice out of which you can actually create the whole encyclopedia of advice, myths, Risk factors do and don’ts and what not but it’s all worth!

That being said, this roller-coaster ride has just begun, and the first trimester is like putting on your seatbelts and preparing for the journey. You need to be super careful and take care of few things which will benefit you in later phase and avoid any Pregnancy complication or incidences like miscarriages or delivering a premature baby. As during the first initial phase your body is overtime to build this little soul.

The first thing is the heartbeat which is developed and then other organs and systems start developing. Physically your body starts to change: Starts with weight gain, you may experience tenderness in breasts, you are always tired and don’t feel like doing anything, Morning sickness is frequent and expected. The only solution for all these is relax and give yourself tender love and care. Things will change for better slowly and eventually.

“Be positive” should be your only slogan. You should chant it and you will overcome all. As an alternative you should share your feeling with your closed ones. As sharing things with your husband even he will understand your journey and after all its not only your baby, It’s a joint venture.

Few precautions to be taken are mentioned below:

Take your first appointment with your Doctor

After you have checked at home regarding your pregnancy now it’s time to get it confirmed from the gynecologist about your pregnancy as this will give you a surety about the risks and actual things happening inside your body. Your gynecologist will also confirm about single or twin pregnancies at this time. And yes being conformable with your gynecologist is important, which helps in having open conversations about your physical and mental health, thus choose your doctor as per your comfort.

Take prenatal Vitamins as prescribed

It can be the case that you don’t have any medicines in routine but let me tell you, yes you will have to take regular medication as prescribed by your doctor. As it is the initial stage of your pregnancy which crucial for fetus development and for mother’s health as well. So the doctors generally prescribe folic acid tablets, which is responsible for healthy pregnancy and preventing birth defects. The doctor may even start some iron tablets that prevents pregnancy anemia. Here are also some of the proteins you should eat during pregnancy.

If you smoke, it’s time say a big NO to it

It is difficult for habituated person to quit but if you want a healthy baby you need to do so. And not just for a mother, but it is equally essential for the partner to stop, or avoid smoking while being with their better halves. Smoking increases the risk of causing several complications like low immunity, below average birth weight, miscarriage, premature births and many more. Try to avoid passive smoking also. These are few lifestyle changes which are expected during pregnancy

Kick off Alcohol

Like smoking, with alcohol also mothers fetus is at risk. In the womb there is maximum development of the baby’s brain and that is the time when one should be precautious as it affects the babies brain development. At the most, decrease the frequency of alcohol consumption.

Cut down on caffeine

For regular coffee drinkers to cut down caffeine is as difficult as alcohol. Caffeine consumption also increases the risks of miscarriage as it disturbs the nervous system and may cause irritability, anxiety and restlessness.. Some doctors allow to have 2-3 cups of mild lattes but if avoided nothing like it.

Stay hydrated

I know peeing is another chapter to be discussed but one should drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. It will help you overcome morning sickness to some extent. At this stage the blood volume increases in your body to support the oxygen and nutrient requirements of the fetus so stay hydrated always.

Keep a watch on what you are eating

Just remember pregnancy weight is very difficult to manage later on. It doesn’t mean that you should keep on eating when you are pregnant one must have a healthy food & balanced diet and make sure it contains all the nutrients for the growing baby. In this initial phase even if you do not gain weight it is okay. And remember “you need not eat for two” from now.

Avoid outside junk food – period.

Try to include below mentioned foods daily in your diet:

  • Fresh leafy vegetables
  • Dairy products are rich in calcium and contains good gut bacteria which are healthy for your gut.
  • Choose legumes such as chickpeas, lentils, peas and beans they are rich source of fiber and contains calcium, folate and iron which is beneficial for pregnant lady during pregnancy.
  • Eat Eggs: A superfood
  • Eat fresh and local fruits available at local farmer’s market.
  • Include dry fruits in mid meals
  • Don’t eat papaya raw or ripen.


Staying active is a must during pregnancy. A little physical activity or workout with comfortable trackpants as per your regular routine shall not harm you rather it will help you cope with morning sickness and refresh your mind and soul and keep your metabolism high.


Ultimate Mantra – Get as much rest as you can!

Frankly speaking pregnancy is tiring hectic and exhausting job. In initial days it becomes more difficult for you to adapt, as your body is going through many changes and there are tremendous fluctuation in your hormonal levels. It becomes even more difficult when you are working.

Try to take rest whenever possible. Try to sleep early if possible. Try to spend a lot of self-time like do things you like read books or listen to music. Stay away from screen, it even more stressful.

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In the whole journey of pregnancy this initial first trimester is the most crucial time so be cautious in this duration, do not take unnecessary risks, take care of yourself and lots of rest and the most importantly be.

Last but not the least – BE POSITIVE! It really helps.


Pratiksha LokwaniPratiksha is an experienced Technical Content Writer working in a Multinational company with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. She is a wanderer, artist and a new excited mom-to-be wanting to pen down her experiences and educate people around and make them pre-pared so that everyone can enjoy this beautiful journey of birthing.








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