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Lifestyle Changes Expected During Pregnancy

by Pratiksha Thakkar Lokwani 21 Apr 2020 0 Comments

Lifestyle Changes Expected During Pregnancy

 Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash



A few lifestyle changes expected during pregnancy which will help you deliver a healthy child:

It is well quoted that “The earlier you will start working on something the earlier you will see results”.

When a woman first finds out that she is pregnant she is into her own la-la land of imagination and builds up future ladders into her life ahead. All things around her suddenly seem to change and it’s a beautiful world. A woman develops a concern about her body for her baby to take care and nourish it to deliver a healthy child. With all these changes a major change she should undergo is the “lifestyle change”.

She now needs to make positive changes and give so much of her loved choices over healthier options to nurture and birthing a healthy child, giving up on habits (such as smoking) will reduce her chances of experiencing pregnancy and labor complications.

Again I would like to repeat the same thing “lifestyle can have a big impact on your pregnancy choose wisely and think twice before doing it”.


What should I eat when I am pregnant?

Eating a variety of foods is very essential for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. The food you eat directly reaches your baby. The nutrients from food affect baby’s weight and health. Many people try to change their diet lifestyle in order to deliver a healthy baby but changing the way you eat is harder instead one can start adding in healthier options before you take away unhealthy or junk foods.


  • Eating local Fresh fruits and vegetables gives you various vitamins and nutrients.
  • Carbohydrates: A slight more than half of what you consume should be carbohydrates (carbs). Try to get most of your carbs from whole grains, like brown rice, oats, quinoa, barley, corn, and whole wheat bread.
  • Protein: Protein helps your fetus grow. You can get protein from meat, dairy, and tofu. Nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts), beans, seeds, lentils, peas, and dark leafy greens (like spinach and broccoli) are rich protein foods.
  • Packed, processed and junk food: Limit sugary foods and drinks (like candy, soda, and ice cream). Limit salty, fatty, processed snacks (like chips). Try to stay away from treated and sugary carbs, like cookies, cakes, pastries, and white bread. Try to avoid processed food and fast food.
  • Taking prenatal medicines prescribed by the doctor are must like initially doctor will start with folic acid and then in later phase as per your bodies requirement it will change to vitamins, iron and other required nutrients for your body.


What and how should I exercise when I am pregnant?

Frankly speaking during initial phase it is a bit difficult to cop up with all the morning sickness and all time tiredness. But one should try and exercise whenever and whatever is possible for her. It may be a walk or jog.

Exercising habitually during pregnancy gives you more energy and helps you feel healthier physically and mentally. It strengthens your body and can even help make it feel easier to give birth.

Walking, swimming, yoga, dancing, and other kinds of modest exercise are popular with pregnant people. If you’re not already exercising daily, consult to your doctor or midwife about the best way to start and what types of exercise are best for you.


What should I Think when I am pregnant?

This is the most crucial criteria in the whole phase of pregnancy. As what you think will affect your baby you should be positive and try to connect with your baby. I would say you are responsible for creating your baby, your thoughts will definitely affect your babies’ health mentally and physically. Not necessary that all your pregnancy will be a happy snow slide there will definitely be many ups-downs but it’s totally up to you to stay motivated and stay positive in every situation.

Few tips to stay motivated and positive:

  • Listen to good music
  • Learn to meditate
  • Read good books
  • Talk to your womb (yes you can talk to your baby from day1 of your pregnancy)
  • Get out get social, make friends talk to people.
  • Share whatever you feel with your spouse involve him in your pregnancy.
  • Eat good food and try to do whatever makes you happy.


What should I avoid when I am pregnant?

Avoiding few things is must during pregnancy but if its and habit its difficult. Smoking, alcohol, and other drugs can be hazardous for your pregnancy and your growing baby. Changing these habits before you get pregnant or immediately you know that you are pregnant lowers your risk of misconceptions and miscarriages. It’s also important to make sure your home and work surroundings are safe and healthy place for you, both mentally and physically.


  • Smoking

Quitting smoking helps you, your growing fetus, and everyone around you be healthier. People who smoke take longer to get pregnant and have higher rates of miscarriage than non-smokers. Try to stay away from smokers and smoky places too.

  • Alcohol

Stay away from alcohol when you’re pregnant. Most doctors tell pregnant women not to drink at all, because there’s no known “safe” quantity you can drink at any point during your pregnancy.

Drinking alcohol while you’re pregnant can upsurge your chances of miscarriage or it can also cause you to give birth too early, and could even lead to a stillbirth. Drinking alcohol when you’re pregnant can also cause fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). FAS can cause serious physical and developmental harm to your baby, like physical disabilities, learning disabilities, and other conditions.

  • Chemicals and toxic elements

Toxic substances in your work and home surroundings also affect your pregnancy. They include lead, mercury, fertilizer, pesticides, solvents, radiation, and cat or rodent poop. These harm your fetus if you’re exposed to them when you’re pregnant.

So ladies, let us experience and explore this blissful and wonderful journey of birthing cautiously and enjoying each phase of it joyfully.



Pratiksha Thakkar Lokwani

Pratiksha is an experienced Technical Content Writer working in a Multinational company with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. She is a wanderer, artist and a new excited mom-to-be wanting to pen down her experiences and educate people around and make them pre-pared so that everyone can enjoy this beautiful journey of birthing.




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