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Improving Immunity In Your Infant

As parents, we cannot stop our children from germs and viruses. But, we can take certain steps that will strengthen their immune system. It includes certain tips, tricks, and nutritious...

Improving Immunity In Your Infant
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It nearly kills the hearts of the parents when they see their little kiddo is suffering from diseases. Common cold and flu are obvious in babies. The internal system adjusts with outside germs and viruses to gain strength and make the body immune.

As parents, we cannot stop our children from germs and viruses. But, we can take certain steps that will strengthen their immune system. It includes certain tips, tricks, and nutritious foods to build strong immunity.

Children come to this world with zero immunity levels. Hence, it is the responsibility of the parents to take a few steps to strengthen immunity and let the kids enjoy the world to the fullest.

What Happens When There Is Deficiency in Nutrition?

1. They are prone to diseases and infections.

2. Reduce the intake of food which causes malnutrition.

3. Child does not get proper immune nutrient that reduces their fight ability with viruses and diseases.

Vitamins That Are Important For Immunity

Vitamin A, C, E, and Zinc are essential for 1st line defense in toddlers. Vitamin A, C, B6, D, Selenium, Zinc, folic acid, copper are essential for kids to immune cells. Vitamin  B12, A, B6, Folic Acid, Selenium, D, and copper are great to produce antibodies.

Foods are the best powerhouse to build strong immunity. These superfoods must be their daily intake.

  1. Green Vegetables- It acts as an immunity booster and improves the repair of DNA. The antioxidants in the vegetables help in the improvement of the immunity system. You can give fenugreek, spinach to your babies because they are rich in folic acid, zinc, and iron. They also have vitamins. Kids are picky about vegetables. Be a little creative with vegetable dishes and serve them to your kid.
  2. Protein-rich diet- protein increases the White Blood Cells and that fights infection. You can include eggs, pulses, lean meat in the diet. They are the storehouse of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Chicken soup, boiled eggs are the best food for babies.
  3. Yummilicious Yogurt- Yogurt strengthens your baby's intestinal tract. It keeps all the infections away. It reduces all types of gastric problems in babies. If the baby does not prefer plain yogurt, then try flavored yogurt which is delicious and yummy.Yogurt has probiotics that did not allow bad bacteria to form. Good bacteria fight all the bad bacteria. Yogurt plays a big role in immune booster. You can give yogurt in lassi, raita, and various forms.
  1. Vitamin C Fruits- Fruits loaded with vitamin C are great for immunity. You can give all types of citrus fruits strawberries to your kids. It improves and increases immunity.
  2. Breastfeeding- The first food that a baby has is breast milk. It is the life savior. Breast milk has all the necessary nutrients, antioxidants and minerals, and vitamins that help the baby to strengthen the immunity since Day 1. Babies who receive the proper amount of breast milk can fight most diseases later in life.
  3. Stick To Vaccination- Vaccination plays an important in immunity. As per the pediatrician, stick to the dosage and time of immunization especially for kids who have chronic health issues. The vaccination protects the kid to stay away from the diseases.
  4. Get Enough Sleep- Maintain a sleep routine in babies. Start this routine from the early days. The baby's body will fall into that rhythm and a good 10-12 hours sleep energizes their body, keep all the infections away. Warm baths, gentle oil massage are great before bedtime. It improves sleep quality.
  5. Hygiene At Its Best- Teach the kids the importance of hygiene. Like, wash hands and legs after outdoor play. Wash hands before having a meal are small teaching but creates a big impact on the immunity level. It keeps away the germs from the baby.
  6. Encourage Outdoor Sports- The more the kids will play outdoor in the fresh air, open sky, the more they will develop a strong immunity. Let the kids enjoy dirt a bit because this way the body will develop healthy bacteria and nature will help in strengthening the immunity level.
  7. Do not Rely on Antibiotics - Every time your child is ill do not ask your pediatrician to prescribe antibiotics. With harmful bacteria, it even kills the good bacteria. This compromises the immunity level in the babies. So, try and use home remedies of Grandma's secrets in treating the common cold, cough snd other small health issues. It even increases the resistance power in the kids.


Do not stop your child to get exposed to germs and viruses. But, take some great steps to build up the immunity system in the child. In the future, strong immunity will help the kid to fight other viral diseases.


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