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How To Keep Your Kid Active

With no schools and basically only online classes kids have become more connected to the web and the virtual world rather than the real world. This article is just a...

How To Keep Your Kid Active 
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How are you all my dearest moms? Hope you and your little one is doing fine. It’s been long since I have written any article. Missed you all so much my dear ladies. Today we are going to discuss about how to keep our toddlers and kids active both physically and mentally. With no schools and basically only online classes kids have become more connected to the web and the virtual world rather than the real world.

This article is just a small attempt to work in that specific area and to make our kids more active and mentally and physically sound.

Physical Exercises

As we know due to easy accessibility of technology and comfort we have distanced ourselves from the physical bit of life. So, it’s high time that along with ourselves we also make our kids physically active. It can range right from on spot jogging, a walk to the corner shop for a bag of grocery and even light exercises. 

Yoga/ Meditation

Yoga has many benefits as we are all aware of it. As such we can make our kids practice a bit yoga and meditation. It will not only improve their health but also improve their concentration as well as attention span. It will instill the values of a healthy lifestyle right from their roots.

Interactive And Fun Sessions With Parents

We as children used to enjoy so much with our parents. A child yearns for the time and company of their parents. Therefore, we can utilize such precious hours for the development of a child. A child can be engaged with various storytelling sessions, different puzzles and quiz sessions. It helps to develop a strong bond with the parents as well is very helpful to keep the child active.

Trips And Journey

The child should be given to build a bond with nature. In these concrete world lucky are the kids who can play, run and have fun in the sun. Therefore a child should be made to travel a lot. It has many benefits like it will help the child to identify between the real as well as the virtual worlds. It also helps the child to adjust to various surroundings. And it will also give the child and exposure to various cultures and lifestyle of different people around us. 

Coming Out Of The Shell

As nowadays most of the families are nuclear the child misses on a lot of fun as well as knowledge perceived. Therefore they developed a kind of difference and distance from the family members. It also makes the child a little indifferent towards the society as a whole and also tends to make them uncomfortable in the company of others and later develop into an introvert. Therefore the child should be allowed to interact with everyone. It can start from a simple hello or a wave to the neighbours or even a bit of chat with the watchman. Trust me it will help the child to be more confident and comfortable with everyone.

 So, beautiful moms this is what I wanted to say. Try this tips and suggestions. It will definitely work.

This is it moms. Hope you like my article. Please don’t hesitate to pour in your valuable comments and suggestions. Looking forward to see you next time.

Take care!!

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Jusmi Saikia


Jusmi Saikia, mother to a one year old daughter is a teacher by profession in one of the reputed schools in Bangalore, India. She shares an immense love for writing as well as reading. She loves to write and share her ideas with the world around.


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