Food Jags In Toddlers

Food Jags In Toddlers
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Naturally, ensuring adequate nutrition and good health for a kid is a priority for every mother.

And when all of sudden when a child develops " Food Jags "- means the practice of eating only one food for all the meals, and that food is less nutritive.

This is a real spectacle of mom's heart to worry about and making out the conclusion behind it.

ex:- since last four days baby Fatimah is on Murmura ( rice flakes) and BF 😒, few kids start eating junk food or like potatoes for all the meals.



1)  Teething:- yes during teething kids may get cranky and develop food aversion or food jags as eruptions from gums are extremely irritating to their tender jaw. So many times they will feed like an infant.

Solution:-  Do not force feed. If your kid is on BF give feed on demand and you keep yourself well hydrated. Even you can start Shatavari milk for yourself that will help in milk production. ( worked with me)


2) Growing as an independent personality:-  Toddlers want to push limitations and show how independent they can be. And maybe for this particular reason, they start throwing tantrums.

Solution:- trust your kid, involve them in cooking, cleaning like chores and thus they feel more empowered and may start eating with what they have helped.

If you are noticing some behavioural issues you may consult your child psychologist.


3) Worms:- Yes, when your toddler is toilet trained there are chances of getting the worm infestations. And this may lead to food jags, and if ignored some serious medical ailments like anaemia, diarrhoea, stomach ache, itching may happen which will require medical attention.

Solution:- if your kid is toilet trained, make a good hand wash hygiene. Trim nails regular, avoid bare feet in toilets.

After 12 Month of age consult a paediatrician and give deworming as prescribed. Preferably biannual. 


4) Vit B12 deficiency

A deficiency of Vit B12 in the diet may create food aversion and kids end up having food jags. Especially with vegetarian families.

Solution:- try to seek medical advice and try to adjust the diet with adequate nutritional values.

After 1year you can start with animal milk and milk products like Paneer, cheese, Mawa in your recipe.


5) Habit of giving more Quantity of Liquid like Milk and juices – Many a time mothers try to fix a food jag by giving the child a lot of milk or juice because she then feel reassured that at least my child is getting something. “But additional fluids can make food jags worse because the child’s tummy is too full to feel hungry. and eventually end up with either refusing food or having food jags.

Solution:- Don’t give excessive fluid just to reassure your mind, but try to figure out what is the basic reason behind it and get the right solution done.



While dealing with the picky eater and food jags, it can be frustrating and upsetting, try to keep things in standpoint. This is a normal part of growing up for most children.

With your help, they will most likely outgrow these behaviours and establish healthy eating habits over time for sure.


Motherhood is angelic and patience is the key for every single problem ❤

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Dr. Mariya Vhora

Dr. Mariya Vhora is an Ayurveda doctor and diploma in Emergency Medical Services with 7 years of clinical experience. After being promoted to precious Motherhood, now she is a SAHM, who shares her beautiful journey of motherhood with a positive parenting approach through her informative blogs.



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