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Tips To Make Your Kids Eat And Love Vegetables

All the vegetables we know of come in an array of colours, with shine which makes them more appetizing and appealing to our eyes. Guess what? Make your child eat...

Tips To Make Your Kids Eat And Love Vegetables


Being vegetarian is good, but it would sound greater when you know your child is eating leafy vegetables more while knowing its traits and advantages. 

Have you ever tried finding out the vegetables your child eats, carry how much good health? Well, I suppose your answer is no. If it was yes, you must be then busy feeding them that delicious and yummy food. But, you needn’t worry, vegetables are always this good!  

Today an increasing number of people are turning towards a vegetarian diet, depending on reasons like religious, cruelty towards animals or just to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Not to forget Covid related diseases which could be cured by eating nutritious leafy vegetables! After all, they increase the immunity power of not only your children but also the adults. Whatever must be the reason but all of us know at least one person among us who is a core vegetarian. He or she might be a friend, an acquaintance, a family relative or perhaps your favorite celebrity. Then why not your child? 

Teach them what vital role these vegetables play in our lives, what are its key factors and lastly, what is it to be a vegetarian.  

"Man must live and let animals live”, isn’t this ‘well known phrase’ true?

I tried explaining the habitual changes in these extracted points.


Well, we should never ignore God’s natural gift and should always stick to this line. A vegetarian diet is rich in fibre content, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Non-vegetarian food is good in its own terms but at least give your child a healthy immune system to take up all the flesh. 

The Colour Effect!

All the vegetables we know of come in an array of colours, with shine which makes them more appetizing and appealing to our eyes. Guess what? Make your child eat one colour a meal! Let them choose any colour and insert that particular coloured vegetable in one of their meals. Well, honestly, on the other hand, meat and fish usually come in boring shades of brown and beige. Therefore, cooking by using different shades of colours in the form of vegetables is a great way to make your child eat variety of natural foods that will boost their health. Also, as the myth goes, the Green colour could also help control the anxiety of over eating in you and your child as well.

Health Pinch

A vegetarian diet boosts cardio-vascular health, and yes it is true. Consumption of a vegetarian diet is enclosed into whole grains, legumes, vegetables, nuts and fruits with a complete avoidance of meat and high fat products along with a regular exercise program. Imagine the situation outside with Covid every where, it is so necessary to get the stronger immunity of one self and the family as well.

The Old Myth

As the myth goes, diet and mood swings in children, go parallel! Foods like melons and peaches can help with the calmness factor among kids while chicken cooked with a lot of spices add to the irritation and anger. So being healthy, eating green coloured vegetables are a must for the brain development. It could easily control the impatience and ever ending anger, anxiety of these growing children.

A vegetarian diet is always associated with lower cholesterol, blood pressure and even less obesity. Even if your child is sitting at home being a couch potato or engaging in minimal activities during the Covid times, he or she could never be an obese child. 

I am not against to a non-vegetarian diet but it seems eating healthy, leafy and green diet is more helpful for the brain development of your child. So, what are you waiting for? Give your child vegetarian meal and find a way to their healthy lifestyle. 


Parul Sanghi Bajaj is a freelance writer based in Ranchi, Jharkhand. With more than nine years of journalistic experience, she believes in writing what is real and versatile. She looks for unexplored potential in different genres and loves to pen down her immediate thoughts. Connect with her on Instagram, Linkedin!

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