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Factors To Consider While Selecting A Gynecologist

by Lavanya P Kesan 06 Aug 2020 0 Comments

Factors To Choose The Right Gynecologist

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The important and wonderful phase of pregnancy is laden with its own highs and lows. On one hand, you are on top of the world for the little bundle of joy arriving soon, while on the other, the mother-to-be undergoes a roller-coaster ride of physical and emotional changes throughout the term. Nonetheless, it is a transformation phase for both the parents.

The strong support of an ob-gyn/gynaec/mid-wife is a must during one’s gestational phase. What with the multiple scans the mom-to-be has to undergo, the monthly antenatal check-ups, right foods and healthy diet, she would need enough and more care and support during her pregnancy. Choosing the right and suitable gynaecologist plays a vital role for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. There are many factors that one can consider while deciding and zeroing in on the gynaecologist. He/She ultimately becomes the supportive pillar throughout the gestation period. Jotting them all down, helps give a better picture as to how to go about finalizing one. Of course, one size doesn’t fit all. Each mother-to-be would have her own priorities and preferences. I have tried to make it as general as possible. Try answering these questions before you decide.

1.How reliable is the doctor?

The doctor’s reputation and reliability does matter. There are doctors who blindly recommend delivery through C-Section as a good and safe option. Start checking with friends and relatives for good suggestions. If you know of someone who has visited the doctor during their pregnancy phase and who knows him/her well, it is good to have your doubts and questions clarified with them.

2.Am I able to talk to the doctor freely without any inhibitions?

I personally have experiences with doctors who are not very good listeners. I was not able to clarify my nagging queries with them. They were absolutely not free to talk to. With hundreds of questions popping out of anxiety and worry, a mom-to-be would want to talk to her ob-gyn freely without any inhibitions. They need to be good and patient listeners and help you clear all your uncertainties. Hence, this is one important factor.

3.Do you feel safe and cared for?

The ob-gyn offers the greatest support and helps you sail through this phase smoothly until the delivery of the baby. Hence, it is necessary that you feel secured and protected under the care of your doctor. The innate feeling that, the doctor is always just a call away and is available anytime for support should sink in. That is when you would feel safe and secure. Check this quotient well so that you don’t feel anxious or stressed out for even the smallest of things. Stress hormones are uninvited guests which affect both physical and mental health.

4.Is she strict and straightforward?

Many women might not agree with the strictness part. Although, I feel it is necessary, as that is how she could make you understand the effectiveness of what she suggests and plans for you. The nature of the job puts gynaecs under a lot of pressure. She is responsible for handing over a healthy life into your hands. So, it is only fair to be strict and straightforward to ensure that the mom-to-be follows her advice to the word. Straightforward and point-blank suggestions essentially indicate that they are doing their best to take care of you and your foetus.

5.How is the Vaginal Delivery rate?

I consider this a very crucial factor to decide on a gynaec for a pregnancy. As mentioned earlier, I have known doctors advising C-Section delivery to be safe and best. The fast-paced lifestyle has increased pressure levels so much that some doctors are not even ready to wait until a vaginal delivery. Therefore, this is an essential factor to check for, while looking up for the doctor. Also, vaginal delivery is the best option, considering a woman’s long term health.

6.How are the hospital facilities?

It is also imperative that one needs to consider the facilities provided by the hospital where the doctor is practising. Modern and top-class facilities might not be the need of the hour, but, definitely the facilities available should be satisfying a little more than just basic needs. Cleanliness and discipline of the doctor’s staff are some of the must-haves. Nevertheless, if you hit upon an option which provides the best of both worlds (great doctor and a great hospital), then go for it.

7.Does the doctor keep you informed of every aspect, throughout?

You would also need to ask yourself how informed and updated are you on the nuances of what you are and you might have to go through. For example:

  • What is pre-term delivery?
  • What is a full-term pregnancy?
  • What is gestational diabetes?
  • How do I know when I go into labour?
  • What is exactly the delivery procedure?

These are some questions out of many that any mom-to-be would be pondering about. It is therefore good to find a doctor who would take necessary steps and actions to keep the couple informed as to what they can expect and what they need to know.

8.Does he/she give importance to the dads-to-be as well?

Fathers also play an important role in every pregnancy and delivery of a baby. You could also do a check regarding the significance given to dads. Are they involved in every appointment and scan? Are they allowed during labour? These are some questions to consider, under this factor. This pointer is just a good-to-have and cannot be categorized as a must-have. It completely depends on the parents-to-be to decide on the involvement of the fathers during the entire phase.

I am also listing down some suggestions to gather more details about the ob-gyn, so that a parent-to-be is well-informed to answer the above questions.

  • Go with the honest opinions of people who already have an experience with the doctor. Get to know their episodes of pregnancy and delivery.
  • Do an online research and read reviews about the doctor. Weigh down both positives and negatives.
  • If you can manage paying a visit to the doctor, it enables gathering more information. You can test your comfort levels with the doctor in the first couple of appointments and take a call.
  • During your first appointment, you can directly interact with her patients to understand the doctor better.


The above list of factors is curated based on my experiences and might not be fully relevant to every parent-to-be. But, these are some important pointers to consider, while choosing the doctor. Definitely a few of them, even if not all.

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Lavanya P KesanLavanya is a stay-at-home mom to a super naughty toddler who makes sure he keeps his parents always busy. She is a HR by profession. She is an avid blogger who writes short stories, quotes and blogs and also a freelance writer. She is a partially trained classical singer. She loves singing, cooking and reading whatever good books she comes across. She can also be reached at lavanya.p.kesan@gmail.com.


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