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5 Types of Housework Pregnant women should avoid

by Sonali Baidya 23 May 2022 0 Comments

Pregnancy is an important part in a woman's life. Carrying a baby inside your womb needs extra care. Whatever you do can have an impact on your health and that of your baby. And you don't want to make any mistakes that could end up being harmful. When you are pregnant, you must not only examine what you eat during the day, but also the physical activity you engage in.

Thousands of hormonal changes occur in women during pregnancy, resulting in physical changes. Some frequent duties might be harmful to both the mother and the baby as a result of physical and mental health. According to research, doing unpleasant and repeated domestic duties increases the chances of having a premature baby. As a result, all pregnant women have a responsibility to look after themselves because a new life is growing inside of them.

Some activities are safe to participate in, while others must be avoided if possible. We've created a list of 5 household activities that every expecting mother should avoid during those crucial days.

  • Carrying Heavy Objects:

Any task that needs lifting a heavy thing or moving a heavy object should be avoided after the first trimester can get you severe health issues. Back pain and injury might result from performing these tasks. Because of hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, the tough tissues in your joints and pelvic floor weaken, making you more prone to Risk of injury.

  • Using chemical cleaning products:

Piperonyl butoxide, a common chemical found in insecticides, may damage foetal brain development, according to studies. Avoid pesticides and other cleaning chemicals during pregnancy to avoid any such issues. Look for natural products that are free of harsh chemicals.

  •  Avoid standing for too long, bending constantly or climbing:

Standing for too long, particularly in the later stages of pregnancy, might be dangerous. Standing for an extended period of time can disrupt blood flow, raise the risk of high blood pressure, stress your base, and result in swollen feet. Climbing on a stool or ladder while carrying the weight of another living person inside you is a horrible idea, trust us. Extra weight might throw you off balance and affect your general coordination. This could injure the baby, resulting in early labour or placental detachment. For your baby's protection, get help when performing such tasks.

  • General / Daily Routine Cleaning:

Cleaners typically include harsh chemicals and toxic substances that might cause allergic reactions when skin is exposed to them. They can induce severe skin allergies and have long-term consequences. These substances might hurt your inside organs in addition to injuring your skin. If cleaning is required and no one is around to assist you, it is recommended that you use environmentally friendly solutions and keep your space well ventilated.

  • Bathroom Cleaning:

Bathroom cleaning frequently requires the use of harsh chemicals, thus pregnant women should avoid using harsh chemicals in the bathroom, as this could be damaging to not only their health but also the health of their baby. Because bathrooms must be cleaned on a regular basis, it is recommended that pregnant women clean their bathrooms using homemade cleansers, which have a pleasant odor and no harmful side effects, unlike other harsh chemicals available in the marketplace.

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Sonali Baidya is a mother of a little boy. She loves writing and exploring new things. She has a degree of computer science engineer and by passion is a blogger. She writes beauty and lifestyle blogs.


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