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5 Must Read Books During Pregnancy

by Divya Bhatia 30 Mar 2022 0 Comments


Pregnancy is one of life's most wonderful experiences and it is a very overwhelming time for women. And for first time mothers, it is much more overwhelming. During such a crucial stage in woman life getting first hand information is very helpful. Though there are various resources which can be found on the web and even gynecologists share lots of information, it is always better to get some comprehensive knowledge. So, you get all knowledge from a single resource and to keep you occupied with good thoughts reading good books on pregnancy is recommended. Books have in detail knowledge on what will happen in each stage of pregnancy and what will happen afterwards. For first time mothers, it prepares for things in advance.

Listing few books which are must read in pregnancy

This book is said to be the bible for pregnant mothers. This book contains information right from the stage of preconception till after childbirth. The book contains information on developments at each week of pregnancy, general dos and don’ts, diet tips and so on. It covers all the nine months of pregnancy, with one chapter for each month. The book covers all the physical and emotional changes that the woman goes through over the nine months.

  • Pregnancy Notes Before, During & After (By Rujuta Diwekar)

This book enlighten about ancient food wisdom and age old practices for pre and post-natal care. Each stage includes notes on food, exercise and recovery. Also included are heritage recipes from across the country, so you can get the wisdom of our grandmothers through this book. This is a must-have guide for every woman who give specific importance on food and nutrition.

  • Fit Pregnancy : The Complete Health Plan For You And Your Baby  (Namita Jain)

Book talks about healthy food recipes to must to do exercises to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This book shares lots of effective tips which expecting moms must follow.  It is compiled with exercise routines, healthy recipes, and loads of tips on how to shop right, eat well, travel comfortably, sit in the office, get rid of stretch marks and much more.

  • Pregnancy: What The Indian Woman Always Wanted To Know But Was Afraid To Ask (Nutan Pandit)

This book has very simple language for readers. This book clears doubts on various popular pregnancy myths in India helping expecting moms understand things that are right for them as per science. This book is scientific and reliable for modern women of India.

  • I’m Pregnant, Not Terminally Ill, You Idiot (Lalita Iyer)

Unlike the usual pregnancy books, this one is about the good, bad and downright ugly of being pregnant and being a mother. Lots of funny content is narrated by the author as she shares her experience of pregnancy in the context of Indian background.

If you have a nudge of reading, do pick two-three from the list as per your choice and style during your pregnancy period.


Divya is Mom to three years old cute little Child Nivaan. She is first time mom raising a happy and compassionate child. 
She believes in effortless parenting and fun ways to engage toddler. Also her firm message to other parents is "Dont stress over mess" as one day kids will outgrow this stage.

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