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World Nutrition Week - Eat Right, Bite By Bite

by Dr. Mariya Vhora 06 Sep 2020 0 Comments

World Nutrition Week - Eat Right, Bite By Bite

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Food is the most vital part of our life, but eating non-nutritious food may be like trash and destroy our health in no time.

This pandemic has taught us so much! And eating right is one most important among all.

Kids at home without outdoor activities have a major impact on physical and mental health as well, there are massive changes in eating habits with every child. Faulty food habits lead to under nutrition which makes children in particular much more vulnerable to disease as their immunity is low so they tend to catch infection sooner.

Every mother is a nutritionist and we all are agree with. Mother’s mind always keeps searching and exploring the ideas to make every single dish tasty and loaded with all the required nutrition.

We can always adopt healthy food habits to obtain a healthy lifestyle.

For a family's prime nutritionist in India – I mean a Mom 🤓 acquiring knowledge about basic components of nutrients required for good health is important.

So let’s know what are the 5 major components of Diet

WATER:- Can we imagine a life without water? A major component which helps to regulate the body temperature, lubricate joints, prevent constipation, keep the blood circulation regular and healthy

VITAMINS & MINERALS:- As we all know micronutrients help as a catalyst in our body, helps in metabolism, nerve and muscles functions, and for cell production. fruits, vegetables, dry fruits contains minerals and vitamins which helps to provide a required amount in body.

PROTEIN:-  This is essential for growth and development, it is must component for cell repair, maintain pH and fluid balance. Including 25% of daily calories from the protein in daily diet is essential. Meat, fish, and eggs are good sources of essential amino acids, protein from plant sources like beans, soy, nuts, and some grains also can be included in daily diet.

CARBOHYDRATES:- Carbs are considered as a vital source of energy, our 60% of energy needs are met from it, including complex carbohydrates in the diet is always a wise choice. Include complex carbohydrates such as  whole grains-wheat, millets, brown rice etc in daily diet.

FAT:- The most neglected component but prime important as it helps for storing and providing vitamins and synthesize hormones. , it is a major energy source too. 15% calories of our daily diet should contain fat. Choosing healthy saturated fat in diet plays an important role.

Well-balanced diet must contain these 5 major components.

Golden benefits of eating up a well-balanced diet:

✓     Balanced diet Promotes  Growth and Development of body

✓      Maintains a healthy weight

✓      Helps in improving the energy levels

✓      Enhance immunity

✓      Helps to improve mental  health and reduce anxiety

✓      Micronutrients-vitamins and minerals helps to boost immunity to fight against infection.


On this National Nutrition Week, let’s  pledge to adopt a nutritious diet in our habit and also spreading awareness about its benefits so that together we can build a happy and healthy tribe.


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Dr. Mariya Vhora

Dr. Mariya Vhora is an Ayurveda doctor and diploma in Emergency Medical Services with 7 years of clinical experience. After being promoted to precious Motherhood, now she is a SAHM, who shares her beautiful journey of motherhood with a positive parenting approach through her informative blogs.



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