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Winter Skin Care Tips For Kids

by Rashmi Bajpai 10 Jan 2022 2 Comments


Winters are going on and we have already prepared with woolen cloths, lots of nuts and dry fruits, and yummy hot chocolate milk for our kids. But what about their skin? Have you done any preparations for their skin’s protection? Yes, with cold creams or moisturizers. No Moms, only cold creams and moisturizers are not enough for your kid’s skincare. Here we have a few tips for the healthy skin of your kids during winters.

  1. Keep well hydrated your kids: Water is not only essential during summer but is also required during the winter season too. During winter we do not require a lot of water to drink but this is our first mistake as to keep our skin moist we should need proper hydration of our body so keep track of how much water your kid consumes in a day. As healthy skin starts to glow from inside. An ample amount of water is needed by the body to keep skin supple and get rid of toxins.
  2. Bath during winters: Bathing is no doubt a healthy habit for your kids but before bath, it's better if you give a mustard oil massage to your kids at least an hour before bath. If it is not possible to keep this massage regularly then you can do this at bedtime too at night before sleep. It will help your kids in sound sleep and keep their skin moist even after the bath.

One more thing that is necessary during the bath is that you should not use harsh soap or too much bubble bath. As it will remove skin oil too from the skin along with dirt. So they always prefer mild soap for their skin.

Always apply moisture to the skin just after bath while the skin is damp.

Do not use hot water for the bath. Always use lukewarm water for the bath which is safe for their skin.

  1. Frequent use of soap: As we know that these days everyone has to wash their hands so many times during these days to keep themselves free from any virus and flu. So always use moisturizer after every wash to keep your skin healthy. For this keep your lotion and moisturizer at the place of the sink so that kids can easily get them.
  2. Uses of blowers and heaters: Too much use of blowers and heaters is also harmful to the delicate skin of your kids. This hot air also leads to dry skin. 
  3. Oiling in belly button: Mustard oiling in the belly button(navel) helps variously. It detoxifies the body and improves radiant skin. The navel absorbs the oil much faster than skin and keeps the whole body completely moist.
  4. Chapped lips: Kids generally face chapped lips during winters. So apply any petroleum jelly or lip balm which is prescribed by the doctor. you can also apply milk cream on their lips during bedtime. Which is the best remedy for chapped lips.

My grandma did all these things during winters when we were kids and I still keep doing these things with my kids. Winters are not for having any headache for a kid's care. You just need to follow these practices in your routine and see how our kids are enjoying this winter. Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!


Rashmi Bajpai is a mother of two lovely kids, Achintya(age 10 yrs) & Shivansh(age 2 yrs). She has worked as a software engineer, Now she is giving her time to her kids and also fulfilling her dreams in writing poems & blogs. She loves to share her experience & knowledge by writing.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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Really very informative

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