Why Reading Is Important For Kids


Why Reading Is Important For Children

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Reading to kids is essential; it is recommended that reading out to them from a very young age, in fact as early as they are days old.

Reading to kids, makes them develop a found interest in many new things they learn and grow in a better way and become better individuals. By reading we learn about different cultures, nations, behaviors, also helps to develop their vocabulary, grammar, language, cognitive skills and much more.

Reading to a child right from infancy has shown to increase the size of organized white matter that primarily involves in developing language and ability to learn. A parent reading to the child increases the bonding and intimacy of the relationship between the parent and the child. It has been proved that reading induces calm to a restless child.

Children who are exposed to reading at an early age have shown to excel in school and tend to have greater interest in learning new things.

It helps in developing the child's intellectual skills and concentration by promoting the attention span.


I had started to read to my daughter, back to when she was in NICU; I used to read out to her in the little time I used to get to spend with her. She loved to hear my voice and gradually I noticed she used to smile when I started reading to her.

As she grew I got many books, and I see she has already developed an interest in books, though she doesn’t read she turns around the pages and goes through the pictures.

Developing the habit of reading books to kids at a young age is a tedious task; as their attention span lasts only for 10-15 minutes, so make sure we dedicate to sit with them at least for such short span of time to make it a habit.

  1. If you want to start reading to them, get hard bound books as they do not tear
  2. Make sure the books are colorful with lots of pictures, as they do interest kids
  3. Take out 10-15 minutes time to read, and make it a daily ritual
  4. Ask them to spend time with their story books
  5. Most importantly, make sure to keep your mobile away while doing this , cause they will develop interest only if show interest


Studies have shown that those children who have been read since infancy had their receptive vocabularies increased by 40% to those who have not been read.

So it is pretty easy to develop a new habit, especially one such as reading to them at an early age so that they are acquainted to books from an early age, along with it developing language, intellectual skills and concentration on them that will help them grow academically and make sure to secure good grades in school.

Books are a man’s best friend, as he can carry them along everywhere and anywhere and even in the smallest amount of time, turn out reading a page or two.


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Dr PeeyuushaDr. Peeyuusha, an Emergency Physician by profession working as a critical care consultant at a reputed Hospital in Delhi. She is the mom of a chirpy budding toddler and another baby due on the way soon. She has a been a literature student from an early age and also loves to play with colors.she writes and does various arts to her passion motivated. Her daughter keeps her motivated to keep going on and pursue much more in life.



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    Rightly said…..Agreed.

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    Vry impressive article
    It’s true since olden days
    Written same I epics
    All mothers need to do in bringing their children

  • Posted on by Swathi Reddy

    Nice article peeyusha,spending a short time could bring out awesome impact over them.loved that part “She loved to hear my voice and gradually I noticed she used to smile when I started reading to her.”

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    beautiful article…loved it..i agree with the same

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