Raising A Reader

Raising A Reader


Reading books is one of the habits that we parents would love our kids to embrace. And like every other thing, no matter how hard you try, kids might not adapt to this good habit easily. The habit of reading helps open up many learning avenues for kids. So to make sure that our dear parents find no difficulty in inculcating this habit in their kids, we have enlisted a few pointers to guide you. Read on to know our take on #raisingareader and how you can help your kids develop this habit. 

  • Start them young: Introduce your kids to books at an early age. I started with my daughter when she was around 10 months old and there’s been no looking back since then. Infants/toddlers might not get every word you read, but it will surely entertain them and pique their interest in books.

  • Pick the right books: Selecting the right book for your children is an imperative. Book selection gone wrong can do more harm than good. Infants can be introduced to touch and feel books, cloth books, or visually stimulating books. For toddlers, it is better to opt for books with larger pictures and lesser text.

  • Make reading fun: Remember to not force anything upon the child. Enjoy it as just any other activity and do not make it a chore. You can just act out, play, giggle, cuddle and have fun while you read. Make reading a time when you both enjoy yourselves and bond with each other.

  • Make reading a part of routine: Try to incorporate reading into your daily activities. The more kids are exposed to books, the more they are likely to take up reading. You can even have a set routine or time to read, say reading at bedtime, to stay in the habit. 

  • Allow your kids to choose books for the day: Kids are more interested in things when they are involved in it. Allow your kids to actively participate in selecting books. You can take out a few books which you’d like to read and ask them to choose the book for today’s read. Because they get to make the decision, they get more attracted towards the books and hence are more absorbed in the reading session. 

  • There is no right age to introduce reading to children. You can start reading to your kids as and when you are comfortable and ready to explore the joys of reading. There is no particular way of reading a book. Remember, all that matters is that your child is having a good time with you! So just take the plunge and read on with your kids! 


    Vichitra Goel is a post graduate in English literature and has worked as a University Professor till the time she became a mother. Since then she's been busy raising a little reader, writing, instagram-ing, DIY-ing, hoarding craft-supplies, and procastinating decluttering! Find her sharing a slice of her life at @just_mommying_around

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