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What's In My Diaper Bag (10 -12 Months Old Toddler)

A diaper bag is the companion of every mother. Right? The time our baby is born, mothers never forget their diaper bags. As our baby grows from an infant to...


A diaper bag is the companion of every mother. Right? The time our baby is born, mothers never forget their diaper bags. As our baby grows from an infant to a toddler, our diaper bag never changes, but the stuff inside it definitely changes. Right?

I have written a blog on what must be in a diaper bag for a 0-5 months baby. At that time, my son was 2 months old. In this blog post, I intend to share what I put in my diaper bag for my son, who is about to turn 1 year old. 




  1. Diapers:- For short visits, I keep at least 4-5 diapers because I don't know when my baby will poop. And if I am travelling, then I keep 1 diaper for every hour.
  2. Wet Wipes:- I prefer keeping the wet wipes packet with a lid. It's easier to open, and I take out the wipes from one hand. 
  3. Diaper Rash Cream :- I always put diaper rash cream before putting diapers on as it prevents rashes. Secondly, I prefer buying a diaper cream that comes in a tube. It occupies less space and is easier to open.
  4. Sanitizer :- I make sure that if I do not have a place to wash my hands, I first sanitize my hands and then change his diaper. Also, while giving him something to eat. I use an alcohol-free sanitizer. But After applying sanitizer, I wiped my hand with a water-based wet wipe.
  5. Diaper Changing Sheet :- I keep one with me so that there is no mess.
  6. Wash Cloth :- While eating to wipe the face and hands.
  7. Bib:- I carry feeding bibs to protect my son's shirt from getting messy. But nowadays, He just pulls it off.


  1. Pen and Paper :- Since he is now 11 months, he loves scribbling on Paper. I always keep some coloured sketch pens and 2-3 sheets.
  2. Rubik's Cube :- He loves bright colours and loves playing with the Cube.
  3. Soft Toy :- His favorite soft toy is a Lion which he carries with him everywhere
  4. Story Books :- He loves listening to storybooks and seeing the books.


I love cooking for him. On weekends I make sure that I learn recipes for him and cook for him. For travel, I keep the food he loves. Here is the list of the food I mostly keep when I leave home. 

  1. Banana
  2. Wheat Jaggery Cake
  3. Mithe Pue ( wheat and Jaggery)
  4. Unsalted roasted Makhana
  5. Unsalted roasted Murmure ( he picks up one by one and 30 minutes he is busy)
  6. Dates Ladoo ( Dry Fruit powder and Dates )
  7. Namkeen Paratha
  8. Ghee idli 
  9. Moong dal Cheela
  10. Beetroot Rava Cheela
  11. Coconut Water
  12. I also make sure I keep one-time formula milk for him.
  13. Finger Foods- Carrot, Cucumber


So start upgrading your diaper bag from the above-mentioned list. Do let me know in the comments If I have forgotten something. 

Happy Motherhood!!

Anshima Kolatkar is a passionate content writer and heads her firm "Writingwalkthrough". She pursued engineering in Electronics and telecom and PGDMA in embedded systems. In the year 2017, she quit her job to follow her passion of being a content writer. She is now a successful mompreneur. As a mom in working, she wants to share her journey into parenthood. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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