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What Not To Listen To In Pregnancy

by Ruchi Rana 24 Nov 2021 0 Comments


Being pregnant is the most beautiful part of a woman's life and her mind and body undergo many changes at this time. As we are growing a life inside us we need to take proper care of ourselves whether it is our mental or our physical health.

As the news will spread across the town of your pregnancy everybody will come up to you with their expert advice and tips on what to do and what not to do in pregnancy. They have opinions on anything to everything from eating to watching TV to music and about the places you should visit or not.

Although there are some factors which affect your baby’s development, not everything has an impact and some of these tips are just vague ideas which you should not pay any attention to.

Gone were the times when women avoided their jobs and changed their active lifestyle. Nowadays women are managing and enjoying their work while pregnant. The workplace is also very much friendly towards expecting mothers providing them with all the type of support and comforts needed.

Every woman wants her pregnancy to be a memorable event although some may experience discomforts and problems in pregnancy but that’s the part and parcel of bringing a life into this earth. 

There are also many myths surrounding pregnancy which some people believe but they are only a hit and trial method as nothing is backed with full proof research.

Some of these myths are listed below which you should not listen to when you are expecting:

  • Predicting Baby’s sex 
  •  An old wives tales saying you can predict baby’s sex with certain factors like shape of your belly, your skin’s glow, texture of your skin, size of your breasts, your food cravings, and some of these are so extreme like mixing your pee with certain things and then the final color will identify whether you will be having a boy or a girl. They are all hit and trial and one should not engage in such things as there are no proven scientific or medical proofs to these things.

  • Eating for two
  • Always remember you are carrying a tiny human who is roughly the size of a blueberry in 7th week and gradually becomes the size of a large mango at 23 weeks. So you don’t need to eat like you are carrying an adult inside you. Eat as much as you generally eat but increase the good foods in your diet and make your diet balanced and if you want to be more particular you can consult a dietician to prepare diet plans for you. 

  • Avoid exercising
  • There are no medical records that exercising is bad for the baby the only thing is you should not change your lifestyle, it means if before pregnancy you were a sedentary worker then you should not engage in heavy exercising but if your pre pregnancy routine consists of exercising then you should continue exercising but not without consulting you doctor because some exercises are not feasible for your body now.

  • No sex
  • Whosoever has said that must be not in his senses. Sex is a normal part of the pregnancy and if you have a normal pregnancy there is nothing wrong in having an intercourse. The baby is well protected by your abdomen and the muscular walls of the uterus, also there is an amniotic sac filled with fluid surrounding your baby. In a high risk pregnancy you should consult your doctor regarding sexual intercourse.

  • Eating dairy foods makes baby allergic to them
  •  There is no scientific evidence to these myths unless you yourself are allergic to them. But cutting out certain foods from your diet has a negative impact on your and baby’s health. Although there are certain foods which should be avoided in pregnancy like raw meat and fish, alcohol, MSG etc.

    At the end we can only assume whether to believe it or not but one should only do as their doctor or midwives advise them. And share with them any questions or concerns you may have about your pregnancy. Your doctors and health care providers are the most important allies during your pregnancy and they will provide you with their best recommendations for your baby’s development and future health and welfare.

    Ruchi is a 24×7 on duty mom to a 1 year old apart from that she also juggles her time to manage her freelancing job and her daily chores.
    she was always passionate about writing and being a mom gave her so many experiences to write about.

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    Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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