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What Kind Of A Mother Am I

by Deepa Sharma 21 Sep 2020 14 Comments
What Kind Of A Mother Am I?
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It is the most special day for any woman when she becomes a mother, I remember the day crystal clear when I became a mother. It was when I heard the first sound my baby made, that I couldn’t help but cry tears of joy. I got married to my husband eleven years ago and our son, Kapeesh, was born after two years of our marriage. We were both struggling to find career goals and then our life changed completely in the best way possible after Kapeesh was born, everything changed from our goals, our thoughts, and even our everyday lifestyle.

He is 9 years old now and believe me, being a mother has been and still is a 24x7 job which I wholeheartedly love doing. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world even when it comes to its new challenges every day. I believe motherhood is not an art, it’s rather a beautiful experience in which my husband and I face these challenges, overcome them and sometimes even make mistakes and learn from them because we know it is only healthy to do so. One of the foremost learnings has been to keep my eyes and ears on alert all the time as it became a given when I became Kapeesh’s MOM.


Motherhood is a memorable journey, every phase brings with it the sweetest collection of memories. For me, motherhood means unconditional love that turns out to be the greatest part of every woman’s life. All of us in our ways play the role admirably well.     

A mother sacrifices many things in her life, her career, her individuality, her own ‘me’ time, and a lot of other things, which in my case during pregnancy was that I left my job. I was worried about how I would manage motherhood in the long run, but when my little one entered my life, my life changed forever. Now my life revolves around him. I forget everything else and feel blessed when he is around and especially when he cleverly says, “My mamma, I love you!” He even says it naughtily sometimes for me to fulfill some wish.

Only a mother can feel the kind of love and dedication one does for their child that cannot be expressed in words. A few days ago I saw the movie Shakuntala Devi, her daughter hated her because she had an identity apart from being a mother. What was her fault, that she did not forget herself after becoming a mother?

While watching the movie, I realized that this is my story also or for that matter the story of every woman who wants to be identified as a mother or someone's wife. When Rahul thought of starting our Branding studio, Kapeesh was 2 years old. I desired to join the business and also the need of the hour then. I saw this as a chance to restart my career. We dropped Kapeesh at school every morning at 7:30 am and then go to the office. I never wanted to leave Kapeesh in daycare, so he used to stay with me in the office after school. When he started growing up, I stopped going to the office.  Kapeesh felt that I was not like the other mothers he saw, that he was not my only priority. He started to feel bad when I was working on my laptop. I was afraid of this reaction to his behavior.

I used to end up thinking about what kind of mother I am? I felt that I was not fulfilling the duties of being a mother properly and when I tried to become a good mother, I felt like I was losing out at my job. Now, Kapeesh has been in our lives for 9 years.  I am a YouTube vlogger now and am trying again with what I have learned in these 9 years about balancing both aspects of me.

If you are a new mother or are going to be, all I have is one suggestion. Don't try to be a perfect mother, A mother will always be great, no matter what and no one is a better judge of your priorities and sacrifices. If every child is different, why not every mother?  


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Deepa Sharma

Deepa has garnered rich experience in communication design, website Design, user interface, user experience, concept design, design thinking, and branding. After serving as a trainer at Aartissan Academy for web and graphics, Deepa is serving as Creative Director at Pixielit Studios, she keeps the team motivated and to go an extra mile for clients with her boosting and mind-blowing ideas. She is also vlogger and loves to show her work with a creative touch though her initiative Deepa Style Corner.



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23 Sep 2020 Sheel Sharma

Beautifully expressed your thoughts on motherhood 😊

23 Sep 2020 Chaitali

Great job my dear💕
This is worlds toughest job ,and all we need to do is pouring love as much as we can
Much love to all kids of world😘😘

23 Sep 2020 Riya Mittal


22 Sep 2020 Pooja Sharma

Beautifully written ❤

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