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How To Tackle The Challenges A Mother Faces Everyday

Some days are tough and some are good. But to keep a balance and be patient is the key to resolve your worries. Specially now, when you have no maids...


How To Tackle The Challenges A Mother Faces Everyday

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Being a mom is a 24*7 job, which never stops and is filled up with new challenges everyday. I have a 7 year old kid and one 1 year toddler. They both keep me on my toes and I have to keep my eyes and ears open all the time. Yup, because anything can happen in a fraction of a second when you have two naughty girls. Sometimes I really get tired and feel if someone could take my place and do all my work. But that's just a dream. Reality check, I am a MOM.


Some days are tough and some are good. But to keep a balance and be patient is the key to resolve your worries. Specially now, when you have no maids and you need to do all by yourself.


Here are my few tips which can help you:


Early to bed, early to rise: Yes, the saying is apt specially during this lockdown phase. As most schools have gone online, so It's better to get up early and finish your maximum household chores. And when the elder one is busy with class, you can help her out in between or take rest for a while. And if your toddler is awake then make her finish her breakfast. This way you can take small little breaks in between and relax your body and mind.


Try to multi-task: I think that comes automatically with every mom. When you have one child, things are manageable but when you have two it just goes out of hand. That's when you should use your skills. Simple things like while you are cleaning your home put on the gas and start boiling baby's water first, then your tea, boil milk, prepare light breakfast for kid as the school starts early. When your kid is busy with her classes, you can start preparing for lunch, switch on your washing machine as well. But be alert and don't forget if you have put your gas on. By doing multiple things, you save a lot of time.


Devote little time on yourself: The best time of the day is when your kids are sleeping, make the most of it because it's your ‘me’ time. If you have any pending work left just finish that, listen to good music, do some little yoga or any physical activity of your choice. If you are a television buff, do watch your favourite show or a movie. And if you like reading or writing it's the best time to do. Because you never know which one might get up all of a sudden. It is very important to spend little time on yourself as it refreshes your mind and body. Do take a power nap whenever you feel exhausted.


Involve your partner: The best thing your partner can do in this tough time is to help you in doing the endless household chores and specially taking care of the kids. My partner helps whenever he is free to feed the baby, make her sleep and bath. He also takes out time in teaching the elder one and most importantly he plays and spend quality time with them. Yes, the bond between father and daughters grows stronger this way. So don’t be shy and ask for his help whenever required.


Take help from your elder kid: Girls are mom's best friend. Specially, after the little one is there make the older one take charge and let baby sit her. During that time you can take bath or finish your kitchen work. This way the siblings get a chance to bond with one another.


These might sound small little work but definitely every help for a mom matters. Parenting is more of a team work. By putting burden on just one partner specially the mom, puts her in lot of pressure as there are too many things to be done single handedly. This is the reason why most moms get depressed, and consider motherhood more as a pain than as a learning experience of a lifetime. So, the support and help of family members is very important to make this parenthood journey more memorable. 


Do share your thoughts and inputs.

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Bani Dey John

Bani is a former Assistant editor with India Today digital group, freelancer, mommy blogger, travel writer, food blogger and mother of two beautiful girls. She loves to write on parenting, which is the toughest job on the planet.





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