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How To Prepare For Motherhood

by Garima S 19 Jul 2021 0 Comments

“To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the  climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.” — Maya Angelou 

The journey of motherhood is indeed as perfectly described by the famous American poet and  civil right activist who understands the human mind like no one else. 

If you are planning to take the journey of motherhood then here are some do’s to be ticked  off and don’ts to tell if you are to stop and rethink your decision 

There are no other ways to describe that motherhood is the greatest joys a woman can ever  have. Many say it brings out a different magnanimous self to existence which was never  existent in the same person before the baby was born 

That being said there are plethora of emotions and other matters that have to be taken care  for....what are those matters read on to know them  

  1. Physical - One has to take care whether all the needs of the baby will be fulfilled. Special baby products like crib, special clothes, special everything is needed, what that tiny new person in the house along with your heart. 
  2. Medical Needs - Right Vaccinations, Digestion issues are something not to be forgotten when a new baby is born. It is good if you know a good pediatrician, a gynecologist and a surgeon to  take advice from. In some cases fertility experts and even needed. The way to parenthood are  also different and need thorough understanding to avoid surprises like C section, Natural Birth, Surrogacy or even adoption. 
  1. Financial - A baby will need all the special things we spoke about above but what the baby will also need is money for growth, to study to fend her/his creativity till the day he or she  starts her own family or her/his own career. There are various financial instruments that are  available for the baby. Please consult your financial consultant beforehand and we are excited  to share an article for our detailed explanations on these soon. Some examples of the financial  instruments are FDs, Mutual Funds, and ULIPS etc
  2. Emotional - The parents who are planning for a family need to be 100 percent emotionally ready for what is there in that little crib. It is the sweetest human being which needs your  greatest sensibilities and emotional intelligence .Husbands have to be ready as wives are too  sensitive due to hormonal changes, body images issues or the guilt of not being the best mom etc .While husbands also become very concerned they are the best providers for their baby and the legacy that will be carried forward.
  3. Parental - Both the parents should be equally ready and responsible for taking care of the baby. If they are working they have to find out the options of maternal leaves, paternal leaves, work from home, flexible working hours policy or sabbatical policies of their organizations. If the mom is a stay at home or vice versa, the other spouse should also be ready  to take care of the kid because there will be long nights and they will bother both the parents alike. Here are some of the best parenting tips you should know.
  4. Support system - An army of house helps, relatives and friends will also be very helpful to  share those wonderful memories and off days too. Please don't do these mistakes during parenting
  5. Remember even after all the planning if matters still don’t really happen as per the plan. 

    You have to tell yourself that you are still someone's mother when you decide to be kind to  someone unknown because you decided to be kind to someone not related by blood or not  born out of your womb…. 

    So what if you lost an unborn baby you still held him in your heart forever 

    So what if you lost your beloved child you are still connected with your hearts. 

    So what if you are a step mother or a motherly figure some small soul is still looking up to you  with those little eyes of trust. 

    So what if you are not communicating with your own mom she can still hear you wherever you  are. 

    We all have our own unique paths and destinies that we will walk even if we are alone and it  will be a glorious path for sure.


After working for 7 plus years in Banking and Insurance in one or the metropolitan cities in India.  Garima plunged herself into social media to find new ways to connect with her audience and impart all that she learned at their finger tips. A dance maniac Garima knows Kathak and has been part of NCC in school. She has represented her school at state representations and international levels as well.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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