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Parenthood- A Bliss

Parenting is definitely the hardest job we have ever done, we all agree to it. However, it is rewarding too, we might agree to this as well... The days can be long when...

'Ahhhh! Parenthood is tiring, but it is so relaxing to see my baby sleep soundly' - a common thought of all the parents out there.

Parenting is definitely the hardest job we have ever done– we all agree to it. However, it is rewarding too– we might agree to this as well.

Whether its unplanned or planned Parenthood is a blissful expedition of emotions that we, as parents, experience from the day we conceive and is never ever ending. We are on cloud nine and elated at the sight of those double red lines on the pregnancy test strip. The peace of mind is divine. The mere thought of a tiny life growing inside us is ineffable. Pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, childbirth,postpartum period and parenting are the phases our life then gets divided into. Each of these stages brings with it a roller coaster ride of encounters on a daily basis.

Being able to conceive is a bliss, seeing that tiny human life growing in our womb is a bliss, being able to give birth/ watching Newborn baby is a bliss and raising up our child is a bliss indeed. However, the most difficult task of parenthood starts after our child is born. Our life gets altered for a lifetime and it is for good.

We strive hard to parent our child in the best way possible.

Parenthood embodies the below listed points-

  • We, as parents, work all day long, complete housework, relax (may or may not) and take care of children and everyone else in the family. Parenthood has its highs and lows at all given points of time. Taking care of our children is the most enjoyable task in the whole day, however the most difficult task too. Here are some of the activities which keep kids busy
  • While parenting, the task that we may love in the initial phase, may prove to be hectic in the later stages. We experience challenges and struggles throughout.
  • Children are an essential source of happiness, satisfaction and pride. We receive emotional satisfaction from parenthood and we wish to spend more time with our kids.
  • A life without children is an unfulfilled life. Parenting is hard, emotionally and intellectually draining, but is a joyous celebration of a lifetime.
  • Parenting may require professional sacrifice at times. Apparently, the moments spent with our child compensates all the losses. Kids need us all the time and everywhere, they are demanding and are dependent on us.
  • Parenthood is full of joy-filled moments. We experience lack of sleep, vacation and a professional life as well, but being a parent has its own incredible experiences.
  • While parenting, we experience challenges and struggles throughout. It is a test we go through, a test of our love, patience and understanding.
  • Understand the 5 main pillars of parenting which a parent should follow,  to know more about them click here.

Becoming a mother, I got a new purpose in life. I am blessed enough to enjoy the phase of motherhood. My day now begins keeping my son in mind. Apparently, whatever I do is directly and indirectly directed towards him. He is two and a half years old now, is always on the go, running, and playing around. Now I don't get many chances to hold him in my laps and cuddle him, nevertheless, I try to play with him, take him out for a walk and make this as a happy time and enjoy this regular task of parenthood. Sometimes I want to run away and question every decision I have ever made, but then, understanding all good and bad, makes my life purposeful. I love being a mom, with all the trials and lessons that I have experienced so far. His smiles, giggles, cuddles and milestones are the joyous accomplishments according to me. We, as parents, encounter unconditional love, limitless affection and a desire to protect and nurture our family. Parenthood is a life–altering roller coaster ride. It was purely my decision to leave my job, since I wanted to have the purpose of ‘being a mom’ in my life and when I had my son, I found that purpose being fulfilled. Our kids teach us the basics of parenting. Parenthood is not only a term, it is an experience, a feeling and a way of life that can only be understood once we become a parent. Parenthood is blissful in all its potential, and encompasses moments of love, laughter, tears, anger and every emotion that we can relate to it.


Komal Gupta is a multiple award winning freelance content writer, has authored 2 solo poetry books- 'Strings Of Emotions' & 'Panoramic Vision'. After quitting her banking job and being a happy stay-at-home mom of a 2.5 years old boy, she is now fulfilling her dream of writing her heart out. She has co-authored over 45 anthologies, and has also written content for Digital Magazines, Upgrading India Official Blog and Happy Motherhood website.


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