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Understand the 5 Pillars of Parenting

by Dipannita Das 13 Jan 2022 0 Comments


Parenting is not an easy task. It is the job of parents to give shape to the kids. With patience, love, care and commitment, one day parents will achieve. There are different types of parenting like old-school, modern, gentle and conscious parenting. All these styles of parenting depend on some pillars. Hence, in this article I will share five pillars of parenting. 

SOCIAL, PERFORMANCE, IDENTITY, COMMUNICATION, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (SPICE) are the five pillars of parenting that every parent must follow while following your own parenting style. 

SOCIAL- When we talk about social, we talk about patience, honesty, self-esteem and most importantly respect etiquettes. We teach our kids to respect everyone and that includes those parents who must respect their kids too. It develops humility in them. You must set healthy boundaries for the kids to behave properly. It even helps them to connect with roots and overall helps to develop ground personality. 

PERFORMANCE- It includes concentration, discipline, grades, belief and rewards. A kid’s competition is not with other kids or with society, but it should be with one’s self. You must dream big, set high benchmarks so kids can work hard to achieve the same. When parents look into the performance of a child it actually helps to engrave high aspiration in kids. You can receive high expectations from a child.

IDENTITY- It belongs to the family of creative, analytical, wit, practical, tactical. If you follow this in your parenting, you can give your child to become practical, visionary and pragmatic. It helps them sharpen their creative, critical, tactical, analytical abilities. Thereby, make them future ready for various upcoming challenges. 

COMMUNICATION- It comes when there is something to understand, listen, express, comprehend and observe. Many parents complain that kids do not listen to them. Why? Have you ever asked yourself? Well, young kids have a short span of attention and it leads to miscommunication. To grab their attention or make them listen to what parents have to say, first you have to lay your ears to them. Listen and observe them first and teach them to express their thoughts. Also, it helps them to become master communicators. 

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE- It brings on social skill, motivation, empathy, self-regulation and motivation. When kids accept their shortcomings and become self-aware about themselves, then they feel motivated and do things that are right for them. To master emotional intelligence, parents must prioritize, analyze, introspect and even focus on various things in life. It will help them become a real champion. 


Now that you come to know these five pillars of your parenting, it is time to inculcate them in your style of parenting. You will always get the best outcome if you balance all of them in your parenting style. Every parent is different in parenting and hence these pillars can do magic in your style of parenting because kids will grow up into a human being that you wish for your child. As well, it depends on culture, family and tradition that shape your kid’s future for better good. 

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Dipannita is a stay-at-home freelancer and Youtuber mom. She believes in gender equality and finds perfection in imperfection. You can connect with her on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.


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