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One of the most persistent questions is being minimalist in parenting even possible?

I mean from the time the kids are born, we as parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts want to gift them all happiness and toys in the world

But what is important is that instead of teaching them to focus on things, we should focus on teaching them values. As parents, we should be filling their life with experiences and memories, which bring long-lasting happiness rather than toys and articles which last for a while.

Minimalism is not a one-day decision, it is a lifestyle which we as parents can opt for children or ourselves. There are many advantages to being minimalist. And do involve kids in your minimalist journey as there are lots of benefits.


Benefits of Minimalism 

  • Less clutter in the house

Be it clothes, books and toys. A well-arranged house looks welcoming and fulfilling. Reducing clutter can help to de-stress and it makes a home look much nicer and warmer. 

  • Increase gratitude

It increases the value of gratitude and satisfaction in kids. When kids own fewer things, they value and appreciate them more. Also clothes, toys and books are fully utilized rather than superficially looked

  • Encourage generosity

Sharing things with friends or donating things that they don't need to someone who needs them instills the value of kindness in kids. Teach them to pass on things which they don't need to someone who needs them more than them.  It builds kindness and generosity which help them in the long run.

  • Value of money

They learn the importance of money and build habits of mindful spending, avoiding over purchasing and impulsive buying.

  • Fewer toys mean more creativity

That's why open-ended toys are best.  Give them resources and let them design their play around the same. Invest in toys that can be played in multiple ways or toys which grows in complexity with child growth.


How to practice Minimalism in parenting

Toy Rotation: Toy rotation is one of best methods to make kids use all their toys to maximum, or not let them get bored of toys. Make a shelf and weekly take out only 7-8 toys, next week swap the toys with other toys. This way toys will be enjoyed more and will be used more appropriately. Here are some toys for your little one to play and learn from.

Make Room Cleaning a yearly birthday ritual: Involve them in the cleaning process. Ask them to separate toys, books and clothes which they don't need to separate. Encourage them to donate it to the needy. This way they will have enough space from new things, and they will own a few things. Also make them part of monthly / weekly cleaning practice. 

As rewards give them experiences over materialistic things: Always prioritize experiences over things. If you want to reward them, take them out for a zoo, garden walk, play area, library, and somewhere new. These experiences will stay with them forever. 

Invest in products only when they are needed: Always buy age-appropriate products. Don't hoard products for future years in advance, they unnecessarily occupy space. Also, a six-month-old baby doesn't need lots of toys to play with. The baby can happily play with one rattle for hours. 

Invest in good quality products: Buy good quality products as substandard products just add up in more unused product pile up.

Happy Minimalism in parenting, 

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Divya is Mom to three years old cute little Child Nivaan. She is first time mom raising a happy and compassionate child. 
She believes in effortless parenting and fun ways to engage toddler. Also her firm message to other parents is "Dont stress over mess" as one day kids will outgrow this stage.

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