What are Big Things for Little Ones



No doubt, parenting is hard, but sometimes we as millennial parents make it way more complicated than it needs to be. Being dependent on technology and with so many resources at google search away definitely make it more complex.

Parenting doesn’t have to be hectic and effortful. Parents tend to overdo it sometimes - Be it engaging in activities, serving different food varieties, enrolling in extra-curricular activities and latest one parenting FOMO. If you as a parent are having fun doing something, do it, but doing it under stress or FOMO is no fun. Instead, parents should focus on keeping it simple. When we as parents start keeping it simple by cutting back extra and sticking to what is really important to us as parents, parenting becomes much more enjoyable.

To make parenting fun, small efforts count. Small little things which parents do for kids means a lot to kids and are actually big things for kids. For kids happiness:  it is not something big, but it lies in small gestures. Sometimes we get too busy with house and work that we forget these little things. What really matters to kids are quite simple and little things. 

Some little things which can be tried on a daily basis to bring that joy on a little one's face.

  • Show excitement for swings and slides: Half an hour of outdoor play/walk work wonders for young kids. Show them excitement and they are witnessing nature in their beginning years. Be as excited as they are for swings, for flowers, birds that fly airplanes. 
  • Stomp in puddles or dance in rain: Dancing in rain brings out different excitement in kids. Join them in silly rain games, make some paper boats and float it together with kids.
  • Ask your kid to teach you how to do something: For a change try to be a student and ask your child to teach you simple things.  Such as folding hanky, setting the dinner table, writing an Alphabet and so on. You will see pride on their face which is unmatchable.
  • Cook different shapes of Paratha/Dosa: Engage them in baking, or some simple cooking. Serve different shapes of parathas or for a change make dinosaur shape dosa. This will be their long-time happy memories.
  • Let them do small tasks for you and say thank you: When you assign certain tasks to them, they become confident in their abilities, that's okay Mumma, and welcome Mumma beaming their face with happiness is a delight to watch.
  • Give random hugs, smiles and kisses: When they are busy playing, just call their name and smile. Give them lots of hugs and kisses, trust me it is best for controlling tantrums in young kids. When they are showered with love, they will reciprocate their love and kindness. 
  • Laugh on silly jokes and say you are so funny: Support their humor, whenever they are trying to be funny. Acknowledge them for their funny bones. Loud laughter fills their hearts with warmth.

So, what big thing are you planning to do with your kid today?

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Divya is Momto three years old cute little Child Nivaan. She is first time mom raising a happy and compassionate child. 
She believes in effortless parenting and fun ways to engage toddler. Also her firm message to other parents is "Dont stress over mess" as one day kids will outgrow this stage.

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