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5 Ways To Help Your Child Master Their Skills

by Lakshmi Sakthi 20 Jun 2022 0 Comments


A skill is an ability to perform a task with excellence in an effortless manner. Every child has a unique skill, it needs to be identified, nurtured and developed. The various skills may be identified in the areas of sports, public speaking, instrument, music, dance, handwork or cooking. Sustained motivation and training will help your child become a musician, singer, dancer, choreographer, chef, artist, athlete and so on. There are endless options for you to explore along with your child.

We all know that skills can be mastered at any age if an individual is whole hearted to learn. Everyone wishes to learn new skills but the point is very few master the skills. Mastering a skill is not an easy task in this fast and hi-tech world as children get distracted by watching you tube channels, televisions, mobiles, IPad or playing video games. An individual who is a well renowned person in a place is a continuous hard worker in his field. 

Let’s learn how to master a skill for a child.

  • Consistent effort:

Allow the children to learn as many as they can but try to identify which specific activity is most interesting for them. This activity can be mastered by taking continuous effort spending a small amount of time every day.

  • Set a trainer:

English is a language where all can speak and write. For example, as a parent you may have an ambition on your child to become a public speaker in front of a large audience. In this case you are educated, can teach your child the language English, however you know but may not have enough knowledge to train as a public speaker. The very next step is to identify a suitable trainer for your child to reach the goal and find out the progress. Do not take it light as why should we send the child to a class or spend money to learn the language. The techniques to become a public speaker can be learnt effectively from an expert.

  • Accept mistakes with Patience:

As children learn new skills, they tend to make mistakes until they master it. Teach them patience and open mindedness to accept the mistakes and help them identify techniques to avoid the mistakes.  

  • Visual learning:

 Taking notes, using clues, watching videos related to the topic, high light the important points using the marker, repeated practise are some of the techniques to master the skills. Encourage your child to visualise a clear picture of the concept in the mind through these mentioned techniques which will never get erased from your child’s mind.

  • Hands on Learning:

Learning through hands on experience is the best way to develop excitement and interest in your child. Start with small science experiments at home with kitchen ingredients, or hands on gardening, or hands on decluttering of their study room, study table or school bag. Entrusting them with responsibilities rather than instructions will help them get more involved enthusiastically.

Mastering a skill is an essential part in growing and excelling in career. As parents, be a broadminded and open towards your child’s area of interest. Read and gain wide knowledge about the skill what your child wishes to master. Develop an action plan to help them master a skill. Always provide kinds words of encouragement and motivation. Failure is an essential part of the process that we as parents must accept graciously. Life is a journey, there is no end to learning, mastering a skill should be an on-going journey for them.

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Lakshmi Sakthi Alagappan lives in Thanjavur in Tamilnadu, India. She is an  administrative officer at Blossom Public School. She likes reading books, listening to music and surfing.



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