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5 Techniques to cope with exam tensions

Many times conflicts arises between parents and children due to exam pressure. Prevention is a good term which should be reminded in our minds. To prevent unnecessary phobia for appearing...


An exam is conducted for the students from lower classes till finishes the education. It is conducted systematically and periodically by written and oral to judge the student's constant performance and mental capacity. Every child is unique and learning pace differs. For example, if you analyse 30 children in each class, the entire 30 will not be in the same capacity or energy levels . Each child needs different levels of training or practice to cope up with exam stress.Every school going children should know and learn how to face the exam day without fear. Let's have a quick look on how to eradicate the exam tension.

  • A good life style

Following a good life style such as early to bed early to rise, eating balanced diet, exercising every day,fixed hours of sleep, good study habits and having a positive mental health that any task can be done by me is the first and the foremost step to get rid of exam time tensions.

  • Systematic approach on studies

In a daily life child should fix a study hour in the evening after he/she returns back from school. During study hour, they should be very sincere and genuine on revising every day's portions in all the subject what is being taught by the teacher at school and completing daily them make study techniques which will help them in achieving good exam scores  In case if you miss you portions for any reasons, plan extra time study session to complete it in any of the following days to reduce the risk of overburden for your child.

  • Setting a right group of friends

The most joyous moment at school life is to be in the company of friends. As there are chances in learning good as well as bad habits/ behavior, the child should be prudent enough to ensure his friends are only a good influence on him/her and they support each other in exam preparations through healthy discussions, sharing of notes and combined study.

  • Understand the concepts

Some children have the habit of memorising what's specified exactly in the textbook or classwork notes without understanding the concept. It is 100% wrong as it makes the child incompetent to cope up. The simplest way is attending the class with mindfulness and taking efforts to understand the concept. Build a strong foundation in your language and concepts of the subjects together helps to reduce the stress level in exam season . Repetition is the key to understanding the concepts clearly.

  • Avoid last minute preparation 

It is a technique used commonly but for sure not going to help in future. The last minute preparation helps in increasing stress level , forgetfulness and uneasiness during the exam. Fix a systemic approach on studies with the guidance of your teachers and parents according to your capacity from the lower classes and be free from additional stress.

Many times conflicts arises between parents and children due to examination stress . Prevention is a good term which should be reminded in our minds. To prevent unnecessary phobia for appearing in exam hall you must follow the techniques. It is not necessary that you have to get tensed instead of appearing in a relaxation mood for examinations. You should understand that appearing for exams is to test our knowledge on what is learnt and upgrade ourselves and not to build the exam pressure on the child. Teach the child how to be a responsible and independent learner to cope up with exam anxiety.

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Lakshmi Sakthi Alagappan lives in Thanjavur in Tamilnadu, India. She is an  administrative officer at Blossom Public School. She likes reading books, listening to music and surfing.


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