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Tips To Make Strong Bond With Kids

by Kavitha J 13 Jun 2022 2 Comments


Spend time connecting with your child by doing their favorite activities with them. Give them your Undivided attention by spending Uninterrupted time with them.It doesn't need to be a perfectly Special activity, but a simple household chore would do the magic! Make bedtime routines or family dinner plans and spend quality time resting on the bed with your child if you're a tired working mom.Make that one-on-one time with your child and you'll be promoted special bond as their best friend for life!

Apart from emotional development Know the great benefits of spending time with your kids.

Spending time with your baby

Work is always around us, but spending time and sitting with our children doesn't cost anything.As a mother of a toddler, I discovered that spending time as daily routine with them and listening to them is critical during their developmental stage.Let's all have a seat to sit with our children and make the best out of their conversations and build strong relationship !

Quench your child's thirst for love.

Their primary needs are their mom and, most importantly, their time. Nothing makes a kid happier than positive interactions.If you ask them what's your favorite fun time or favorite thing to do, they will list down all the special time you played or spent some loving time with them.Don't make them feel special, make them feel loved and valued.

Me-time with your kid.

Yeah, I can hear you me-time loving mommies! Of course, everyone needs that! I'm not denying that. Your child's me-time can happen with you! Have you seen grandmothers speaking to kids at dinner table and annoying them by asking questions?

That's where you get valuable information about a child's likes or dislikes. Yeah, spending Extra time with your kid can reveal many things about you too. Mommies!

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Color their world.

One simple and great activity to do with kids is painting or coloring.Coloring instigates the mind to be creative and happy. What if that happens with mom? Yeah!Double Dhamaka!!Not just because you're coloring with them, but because your memories are coloring their world!!

Time matters

How much, when, where, and what about doesn't matter to your kid! You must spend enough time with them to explore their interests and maintain positive relationship with them! Every kid differs. Spending 5 mins are enough for some, and one can be happy to tell that block of time stories to their friends.

Give your child some real-life stories to make him or her happy!

Best Activities

Not all kids engage in conversation from the start. Indulge them in some fun activities or family activity to peak their interest.

  • Coloring
  • Sand play
  • Water play
  • Hide and Seek
  • X/O game
  • Board games

Not that you follow the same activity. Identify your kid's favorite game and start doing that with them.


Gadgets screen time can take a back seat for a period and let your kids explore your interests too during this parent-child bonding time.Only during this stage will you receive an unfiltered pep talk.Don't miss this precious time! Time flies, of course, and kids growing up on stage fly like a kite!!

Share this write-up with your kids and start your Healthy Relationship !


Kavitha is an experienced Content writer and blogger in a digital marketing firm. She graduated as an Engineer and walked toward her passionate path of writing.She takes pride in providing the best content possible. Her goal is to become a renowned mommy blog writer and give value to her fellow mommies. 


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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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17 Jun 2022 Mahi

Lovely content ❤️ Appreciate the way you have made to realize how much valuable that 5 minute as quality time for the kid from working mom’s 👌👌

13 Jun 2022 Mithra Manoj
Beautifully composed

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