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Self-Love Practices for New Moms

A new Mother has an added responsibility to reestablish all the relationships, and all work to meet the requirements of her infant, herself, and other family members


Do the new moms miss their Pre-Pregnancy selves? Yes, they do. I am not going to sugarcoat. The loss of identity is one of the biggest factors in this transition to motherhood. Every mother can relate to this. Once defined by our career and now being a ‘mother' bother. There is nothing wrong with feeling like that as the transition and shift are so great. A new Mother has an added responsibility to reestablish all the relationships, and all work to meet the requirements of her infant, herself, and other family members. This transition has been kind to me. I am grateful for this gift which made me a better person. With time you Learn Time Management Skills. In my case, initially, I was reluctant about so many things but with each passing day, I am learning to find time for that and explore new things.

Here are some tips for self-love practices that can be followed post embracing motherhood.

  • Giving time to some old hobbies - Finish reading that half-read book or start some DIY home decors. Giving at least half an hour from daily life to do something you love can truly relax your mind, It will help in maintaining mental health.
  • Travel with Little one - Recently, I traveled to Chamba , Uttarakhand with my little one Spiti who is 8 months old. There were a few challenges during the trip but overcame them and learned a few lessons. Travelling can give a boost to self-esteem after being able to manage many things during travel.
  • Career and Studies – If you are a working mom, or WFH mom, Give some time to learn a new technical and social skill and implement it at work and social interactions . Doing something new and challenging at work front feels good and you instantly get a dopamine rush.
  • Meditation - It is good to leave some bad health habits, cut down unnecessary expenses, step back from unimportant relationships, and not be part of useless discussions. Also, it is good to pick some good healthy habit to keep self-calm and composed. Indulging your energy only on necessary things and people is truly taught by meditation. The benefits of meditation are many such as self-control over emotions, mental sharpness, and help in dealing with insomnia. It also helps you with cognitive development reducing stress, managing emotions, and letting go of mental distractions.
  • Journaling - Journaling practice helps in keeping calm even when life is so chaotic and busy. According to studies, Journaling has a huge impact on physical health very positively. It reduces stress and anxiety, also blood pressure. It helps in thinking and improves memory.

 Motherhood should never become an excuse on everyday health or on doing something you love. You just must figure out ways to handle the situation. Don't be guilty if you practice self-love after becoming a mother. Always remember there is no need to seek perfection in Motherhood because no one can be better for a child than his/her mother.

Every mom has some superpower!! You realize it more after becoming one. Mom, Maa, Mother - ah what incredible energy these words have!!

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Sharbani Ghosh is a Delhi based blogger willing to explore her creative writing skills. She is a new mom who works full time in a software firm as Senior QA engineer. She loves to write short stories , blogs and also been part of one anthology. She is passionate about traveling and runs a blog on Travel, Fashion, and Lifestyle.



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