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Time To Switch To Cloth Diapers!

by Dr Mariya Vhora 03 Jun 2020 0 Comments

Cloth Diapering

Photo by The Honest Company on Unsplash



This world environment week, I request everyone to take a pledge to contribute from their side for environmental protection. Being a Mother, the first thing came into my mind is to switch from disposable diapers to Cloth diapers, and this is the biggest contributions to Mother earth from a Mother.

Cloth diapers- LANGOT are being practiced since ages and is manageable to do—and greatly more affordable than using disposable diapers. Sometimes as a new mom we worry about every little thing and don’t find comfortable to use cloth diapers, so we end up with starting a disposable one because from beginning we don’t have detailed knowledge and information regarding cloth diapering.

Here is the guide to Cloth Diapering specifically for Mom to Be – Because Mothers who already have started using disposable diapers may find difficult to use cloth diapers as compared to disposable one. So, The Mom to be who decides before a birth of baby and learn everything about cloth diapering may get comfortable and convenient with cloth diapers. New parents should be encouraged to save money by using cloth diapers instead of disposable. With the bunch of choices on the market, parents-to-be barely have sufficient time to do research and look for the one that’s most suitable for them.

There are several brands available online and in market which gives you a choice with so many options to choose the right diaper for your baby. These brands offer different features and options available for better choice for cloth diapers.

Honestly, for first few months for day time you can use Langot- used by our Grandmother’s time!

You can put soft cotton inserts, which you can throw if baby passed meconium or poo.

You can manage Cloth diapers without leaks if proper precautions taken, such as:

  • Choose the perfect fit for the baby - Getting the right fit is really essential. The too loose or too tight fit can result in leakage. So before putting cloth diapers, please check the fit.
  • Use of Rash Cream/ Talcum powder - Do not use this, as it may hinder the absorbance of the Cloth diaper, instead you can apply moisturiser or coconut oil generously while giving a diaper free time.
  • Changing diaper On Time
    The type of cloth diaper you use should be changed as soon as you reach the max recommended hours as mentioned by the manufacturer or as soon as the baby poops.

This will help you prevent leaking and baby will be comfortable.


Washing and cleaning of cloth diapers:

  • Normal Detergent:- yes, you can use mainstream detergent for wash with appropriate quantity in proper amount of water. Don’t use any baby detergent.
  • Disinfectant :-do not use any disinfectant, dry them in sunlight and this is the best disinfectant. Yellow stains of Poo also will go easily in proper sunlight exposure.
  • Soiled diaper :-you can throw the poop in the toilet using a health faucet followed by a rinse in regular cold water and put it along with regular clothes in the machine. You can rinse the pee diapers in water and wash them in machine with your regular cloths.
  • SunDry :- is recommended to make the diaper disinfectant and this will help to remove stains if it won’t removed in normal detergent wash.


So here you Go Mom and Mom to be!! Prepare yourself to contribute a great gift to mother earth by switching to cloth diapers from disposable one!!


Feel free to contact me incase of any query!

Happy Cloth Diapering!!

 Click here to know everything about diapers.


Dr Mariya VhoraDr Mariya Vhora is an Ayurveda doctor and diploma in Emergency Medical Services with 7 years of clinical experience. After being promoted to precious Motherhood, now she is a SAHM, who shares her beautiful journey of motherhood with a positive parenting approach through her informative blogs.



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