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Things To Do For YOURSELF This Mother's Day

No doubt motherhood is one of the best phases of a woman’s life; at the same time, it is one of the toughest jobs also. We, moms, do everything possible...

Things To Do For Yourself This Mother's Day

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No doubt motherhood is one of the best phases of a woman’s life; at the same time, it is one of the toughest jobs also. We, moms, do everything possible in this world to keep our kids happy. But does that mean being a mother we should stop thinking about ourselves?

Our society puts a lot of pressure on mothers and expects them to completely devote themselves to the upbringing of their kids. Not just the people from our parents’ generation, but have also heard some of my friends saying that “a woman’s only job is to nurture their kids well.”

Honestly, I don’t agree with it. Yes, we have a lot of responsibilities as mothers but that doesn’t mean we should forget ourselves. We have also got just one life in which we should think about our happiness also and should take out time for ourselves. Further, if we are not happy, how can we give a happy environment to our kids. And in my opinion, the only way to stay happy to have some ‘ME-TIME’ where you can do whatever you love to do.

With two kids (one 6 years old and second just 4 months old) I know how difficult it is to take out time for myself, but somehow, I just ensure that I STEAL at least half an hour for myself to stay sane and happy for my kids.

Mother’s Day is here, and this year, do something for yourself. We do so many things for our families and kids; on this Mother’s Day, let’s treat ourselves.


Enjoy your favourite food

Going out to enjoy favourite food is not possible at all. So what? You can still enjoy. We always cook for our families. One day let’s do it for ourselves. Or you can convince your kids and husband to cook for you. (I don’t have this option as I will just get the boiled water 😉)

Break from household chores

Among this lockdown when maids are allowed, we already have extra work to do. Give yourself a break from the daily chores one day and take complete rest. You can also hang a ‘do not disturb’ board outside your room.

Beauty fix

With hectic daily routine at times, it gets difficult to take out time for a shower, forget about makeup. This Mother's Day, go crazy and take out some makeover time. You can either go to a salon for a makeover or can spend some time at home. Apply your favourite nail paint, wear your favourite outfit.

Binge-watch your favourite series

How long have you been waiting to watch your favourite movie or web series? You can either make it a family time or just you enjoying it with popcorns and your favourite drink.

Splurge on shopping

I know, we women don't need any reason or special occasion for shopping. But we were not able to do it for a long time due to lockdown. As all the e-commerce websites have started delivery of products, you can start shopping again. Take up your fashion game with the latest outfits, accessories or whatever you want to buy.

Hobby time

Do you miss spending time on your hobbies? Find out what you love doing and start doing it from this Mother’s Day. Whether you love reading, exercise, dancing, gardening or anything, do it on this Mother’s Day and make it a part of your daily routine.

Love your kids

These are the kids who made us mothers and allowed us to feel that special love and bond. How can we forget them on Mother's Day? Take out some time to just love them. Hug them tightly, kiss them and forget the struggles we face as mothers for a few moments. Just remember their lovely faces and cute activities that always bring a smile on your face.


Whether you want to take a break from your daily chores or just want to sleep tight without any disturbance or want to dance like no one is watching you, do whatever you wish to on this Mother’s Day and get a completely unadulterated 'me' time. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely moms!!



Preeti GuptaPreeti is a proud mom of two sons who loves writing on different topics. She also loves to share her motherhood journey through blogs to help other moms. Apart from writing, she loves reading books, cooking and traveling. She is also working as a full-time content writer at Aakash Digital and owns a blog
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