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The Unique Bond Between Mother & Child

by Keerti Pai 28 Jan 2021 0 Comments
Unique Bond Between Mother & Child
Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash



Every relationship grows over time, but with your baby, it’s an instant connection. A natural instinct that you see even when the umbilical ties get cut, the child responds to one person, its mother, almost immediately. All through the nine months of gestation, it would have heard the mother’s voice and perceived the touch, and as the mother holds the infant to her bosom, it feels secure, and the content on the baby’s face says it all.

The nurturing spirit is inborn, and every mother has it somewhere within. It comes to the fore when needed. The mother is first to sense there is something amiss with the child. She can pick up cues from the child’s body language or the look on the child’s face. A hug and a few comforting words from the mother can calm any storm prevalent in the child’s mind.

We can see why out of all bonds, the mother-child bond is so special

The bond already gets formed during pregnancy

The fetus growing in the womb can listen to its mother and recognize the voice. The attachment gets formed through other senses, right from the touch to all the mother’s emotions. You will find that this growing bond in the gestation period will enable the child to know the mother after birthing instantly.

She has birthed the child

After God, a mother has the capacity to create a new life. Nurturing the life within her is an ability that makes her bond with the child unique and special than it can be. The burden of carrying the child and the agony of birthing vanishes at the angelic sight of the infant.

The bond will make the child more empathetic

Scientific research has found that the stronger the mother-child bond, the child shows traits of empathetic character. The mother understands what the child feels even when he/she doesn’t say a word. She can sense if the child is in distress. The bond and the deep connection they share is what the child learns, and the empathy that it observes from the mother gets ingrained, becoming a lesson for life.

She is the first provider

Right from suckling the young one to feeding its first meal, diaper change, getting to sleep, all else looked into by the mother. It makes the baby relate more and get closer to the mother. Most of the time, the mother will be with the kid, which happens to be most of the day; this bond generally grows. Often, the kids tend to call out their first words as ‘ma’ or ‘mamma.’ It’s not unusual at all because the bond is established way before the birthing. The mother is there for the child when it gets its first tooth to the child’s first steps. She there to hold the baby if it takes a tumble or soothes it tenderly when teething.

Mother is the first teacher

The first lessons get learnt at home, from how to eat, play and of course not to forget potty training. You will find all moms hold their cherubs close to their hearts but get a little angry when children tend to do naughty things. As they grow, a mother is the one who inculcates every lesson of life and holds back the child from veering off the path. She tends to be protective of the child yet teaches him/her to fight their own battles. Moms are always on standby and present for their children when they need them.

The bond mom-child share is inexplicable. In rare circumstances such as getting a surrogate child or adopting a kid, the mother suffers from depression and anxiety or has post-partum blues. The bond may take time to form around the child. But the instant connection that happens between the mom and child is pure magic! Guess all moms can relate to this.


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Keerti Pai
Keerti Pai is a freelance content writer for the past five years. Apart from being a fun loving mom with two teenage kids, she finds time to pursue her love for writing and has turned author with an anthology.




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