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How To Make A Stronger Bond Between Father & Child

A relationship between a father and a child can vary from person to person. Every father is different. But as parents both father and mother have a very vital role...

How To Make A Stronger Bond Between Father & Child

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A relationship between a father and a child can vary from person to person. Every father is different - some dads are strong, some loud and some are very quiet. But as parents both father and mother have a very vital role to play and that is to build a strong valuable base for your child’s future. So, it's important that kids love and give respect to both the parents equally. 


All kids share a strong bond with their mother and somehow the father feels left out maybe because of lack of time or work pressure or maybe some other reason. And that’s when a mother should take charge and build that bridge between them. Here's what you can do to help them out:


Ask your partner for some help: When a baby is born, there are end numbers of work to be done. You can ask him to start with changing nappies, checking diapers frequently and slowly progressing to giving bath to baby in his free time or baby sit when you have gone out or do cooking and cleaning. The baby will also develop a bonding at this tender age. My baby loves when her dad is around. I guess she feels safe and loved.


Devote more time, not just money: I have observed that many dads work hard for securing their kid’s future. While doing that day and night, how they are losing some precious time by not seeing their kids, who grow up so fast. I feel it's more important to spend time in the initial years of a child as they also realize it's not just mom, their dad can also be their best friend too.


Let them learn by doing mistakes: It is very important to learn from your mistakes but if someone keeps poking it definitely makes you lose confidence. Similarly, if a dad is not cleaning the baby well, if he is taking a little more time in feeding or changing nappy, or made them wear wrong clothes. Just don't react then and there, wait for some time and then tell him what are the consequences if baby’s diaper area is not cleaned well at the right time or tell him that baby can catch cold if they don't cover them up well. I am sure they will learn sooner or later. So, let them also take decisions for the baby. This will create a bond between them. Even we moms make many mistakes and learn from them. So, let them too.


Make them talk and play: Talking and discussing a problem or just a general talk is very important in every relationship. But if a child always sees their dad busy with work, or not talking to them or keeping a distance, will only harm their relationship. So, make them sit and talk on various topics like friends, hobby, school and playing together is the best way to make the bond stronger. If a child can pour their heart out in front of their dad, it shows how wonderful this attachment is.


So, mommies get on to the job and make unite them for a better future and happy moments forever. The kids will become more independent and learn to discuss their problems and not hide anything from either of the parent. This friendship will remain with them for a lifetime.

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Bani Dey John


Bani is a former Assistant editor with India Today digital group, freelancer, mommy blogger, travel writer, food blogger and mother of two beautiful girls. She loves to write on parenting, which is the toughest job on the planet.




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