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Equal Parenting

by Jusmi Saikia 29 Dec 2020 0 Comments
Equal Parenting
Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash


 Hello, mommies hope all of you are fine and doing great. It’s a long time that I haven't seen you all. So let’s start with today’s topic. Well, today I am going to discuss a very important topic “Equal Parenting”. So, let’s discuss and probe more about it.


What is Equal Parenting-

Equal Parenting is raising a child with the help of both the parents. It’s an art of Parenting where both the parents share equal responsibilities of the child. Gone are the days when only the mother struggled to raise a baby while the father had a very limited role to play in the upbringing. Nowadays since both, the parents have a vital role in both the psychological as well as social development of the child it’s a must that they work in a co-related environment.


Benefits of Equal Parenting:

Ø           Equal Parenting helps the child to bond equally with both the parents. It eases the child and helps maintain a perfect relationship that helps the child emotionally and also socially.

Ø           It also helps to share the load. As we all know parenthood is a huge responsibility, therefore, sharing it releases the pressure and makes it more smooth and enjoyable. 

Ø           Equal Parenting also helps promote a better relationship among both the partners. Since they both help and support each other in this new phase of life. It enhances their relationship and defines it to a new height. It also helps give them some time for each other.

Ø           Co parenting also helps each of the partners to take the required amount of rest. Since we all know and understand that raising a child can be stressful. Shared Parenting helps share the responsibility equally thereby providing free time to pursue the chore of your choice. We can also get time to pursue our hobbies which helps us relieve stress and makes us happy and contended.

Ø           It also helps to raise any gender bias issues promoting equality of responsibilities and helps the child to understand that duties are equal for one and all making him/her respect all values and chores.

Ø           Shared parenting also helps us to concentrate and focus on our careers without any hindrance even after becoming a new parent. It is observed generally the mother has to quit her job after having a baby because she has to shoulder all the responsibilities alone. But, if it is shared equally between both the parents then many such obstacles can be averted.

 So, I urge everyone to take note that a child is not only the responsibility of the mother but also of the father. If both the parent can equally be involved in the upbringing of the child the journey will be smooth, smart and also fruit-bearing. As we all know a child needs equal love and attention of both. Therefore let us work together and make a beautiful journey of raising a healthy child who will be the future of the world tomorrow.

 That’s it for today beautiful moms. Hope you all are reading and enjoying my write-ups. Looking forward to hearing from you all soon.

Take care!

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Jusmi Saikia

Jusmi Saikia, mother to a one year old daughter is a teacher by profession in one of the reputed schools in Bangalore, India. She shares an immense love for writing as well as reading. She loves to write and share her ideas with the world around.




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