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The prelim

My journey of motherhood began the moment my  home pregnancy test kit  showed two pink lines, both for Control (C) as well as Test (T).  Me  and my husband (the would be parents were on cloud nine). Most of my pregnancy phase passed working at the weekdays and  routine check up, health tests , grocery shopping, baby shopping,  movies and outings at the weekends.  Nine months flew by in just a blink of an eye.

The D day

The D Day arrived and we landed at the hospital to deliver our bundle of joy. Everything was smooth till the we remember but I had to undergo a C- section for delivering my baby owing to some complications which cropped up at the last moment. We had no option left but to go for it. I was hell damn scared and just wanted to go back home and keep the baby  safe in my tummy forever. The C-section successfully  delivered  a cute, healthy little baby girl  and by God’s grace I survived  the complicated C-section  as well.

The Hungry Jack

 I was  detained in the OT  owing to my unstable vital parameters while my baby was handed over to my husband. I was unavailable for my baby for feed,  but she was hungry. My baby girl was fed formula milk using  well sterilised stainless steel  bowl and spoon. Me being a Microbiologist, my husband could not take any chances with the sterilization and the boiled water to be used  for formula preparation.  He was actually the one  feeding the baby as per her needs for almost five days.

The breast feed

I began breast feeding my  baby in a few days but was always uncomfortable doing the same.   I felt guilty about  not being able to do it. The pressure  to perform breastfeeding  was taking a big toll on my  physical and emotional well being.  My C section suture hurt  like hell, my epidural was bone breaking,  I could not feel  if I actually had any skin tissue left out there (The after effects of C-section vary from individual to individual, some lucky ones do not face an aftermath at all). I was unable to sit and when I forced myself to find a comfortable position it seemed all the staples of the cut are going to come off and all my internal organs will pop out
(My doctor  was very supportive emotionally and assured me that it is  never going to happen that way and she was right). My baby was restless for most of the time she was awake.  The c-section cut and surrounding area remained numb for almost an year post partum.

The silicone nipple and formula feed

I had to be rescued somehow from the unending breast feeding woes and my baby fed properly. Though medical practitioners recommend to exclusively  breastfeed for at least six months. My inability (which I was guilty of then, but no longer now when I recall it) led me and my husband to  opt for a silicone nipple and feeding formula feed to my baby. Though we initially had issues in familiarizing the baby  with the silicone nipple of the feeder but we succeeded in doing so. The main advantage of opting for a  silicone nipple feeder was that it was safe, easy to sterilize and most importantly my husband could hold the baby and feed her. The formula feeds are easily available in Indian markets and there are varieties of silicone nipple feeders to choose from in the market which are BPA free.  This is how and why my baby was transitioned from breastfeed to formula milk and the silicone nipple came to my rescue.  My baby slept well as she had proper feeds. We  purchased several silicone nipple feeders and we never re used a feeder without sterilizing it even if she just  had a sip or two. We  prepared fresh formula right before feeding her and never stored the left out feed.  Proper sterilization of feeders and method to prepare feed never led us regret about the silicone nipple and formula feed.

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Every mother has her own unique journey to motherhood. If you relate to mine , like it  or want to  know more  please  leave a comment  below

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Dr. Loveleen SaraoDr.Loveleen  Sarao works as Researcher in Ludhiana.  She has an expertise in Food  Microbiology. She is a mother to a beautiful five year old girl. Writing is her passion and she has also authored a Text Book of Microbiology besides several international articles. Connect with her at



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