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The Choice Of Motherhood

by Charu Juneja 03 Jun 2021 0 Comments


Becoming a parent is a blessing, a feeling that compares with nothing so beautiful and complete. But with the bliss of parenthood comes the dilemma for a woman to choose motherhood over career or vice versa. The story starts with pregnancy but continues for a long time, at least till the time you think your baby can be on her/his own and that could be a very long period. But a father is usually spared from this situation. After all her nine months of endevour she has to go back to fight for her choices to make ahead.  

Question of Choice

Many women choose motherhood over their career and give up on the dream to head their department one day and other professional goals, because for them there can be no bigger happiness than to raise her little baby and make him/her stand on his/her own feet. But some choose to leave their little bundle of joy in the hands of trustworthy guardians to go out for a 12 hours job. So for some the question that arises is, which is the right thing to do ethically, socially, emotionally and individually? Facing this difficult maze, a lot of females may end up choosing a wrong option giving them lifetime of regret. And this could apply to both the situations above. 

Motherhood is empowering

In many cases, making the choice is not an easy task. A new mother has to list down all pros & cons because there’s a group out there from which she feels uneasy gettting judged. We are brought up in a way to think about ‘what will society think?’. Rather than prioritizing ourselves we think of people’s impression about us. I remember a tweet from a celebrity stating, ‘Choosing motherhood over career is empowering. Choosing career over motherhood is empowering. The freedom to choose is empowering’. So the question is not which is a better thing to do; the question is do you have the freedom of choose? The right to choose should solely be based on the choice of mother and no other factors.  

Picking an option 

So many times women get judged on the choices they make in this regard. Choosing motherhood makes them less aspiring and choosing career makes them less of a mother-material. The former set of women often face the silent pressure from peers, friends and family. The pressure that questions them on their talent, education and career choices. One the other hand the later ones face the orthodox drama that claims that a woman should give up career and take care of the child. The times have changed from where only a woman was supposed to take care of her home & family. We all need to understand that these are the times when she can equally contribute to the family income and her quest for professional goals, along with being a committed mother. Then why there is a social obligation only for a woman to stay home and take care of her children. It’s a greater question for the societal environment, that why does it make picking an option so difficult?

Don’t fear getting judged

This goes out to all the mothers-to-be, new mothers and all the mothers who still think they need to change their decision- do not be afraid to be judged for the choices you make. Pick an option- stay at home, work full time or balance between the two; the choice remains yours! Choosing either will not make you less or more of an ideal mother. A working mother will care and love as much as a mother that stays at home. Do not be pushed by the peers & family or the ethics set by the society. Determine what you wish to do based on your comfort and vision. The divine and unbreakable love connection and bond between your baby and you will always be the same, untouched by any external factor. 

Here are some of the important things which you should never listen in pregnancy


Charu Juneja is a mother of two, a cute two years old boy and four years old golden retriever (she’s a proud dog-mom). She possesses a deep love for writing & reading. Coming from a marketing communications background, she has also contributed as freelance copywriter in the past. Besides this she is passionate about crafting and deals in handmade home decor/essentials pieces. Now after becoming a full-time mom, she aspires to share her thoughts and experiences of motherhood with others via various platforms. 

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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