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The Benefits of Walking For New Moms

by Sakshi Dua Phutela 07 Jan 2022 0 Comments


In today’s era, Being healthy, fit and strong is the real wealth. Covid 19 has taught us well the importance of working on ourselves in terms of good health and mental wellness. Gone are those days when our grandparents and parents used to walk till the shopping complex or the grocery store to fetch some household items, We being smart just park our vehicle in front of the store. In addition to this, most of us place the orders online if we aren’t in a hurry to buy those items. It is good to use technology in the best way possible but it shouldn’t cost our health. It is necessary to focus on what we can do in respect of utilising this precious gift of life well. All actions can be performed well and with full pace if we just give a few minutes to ourselves daily. It adds life to our years.

Less talk and more walk – It should be our anthem and we should practice it daily. We all are aware and know the benefits of walking. But putting our knowledge into practice is of prime importance. Walking is good for all; be it kids, youngsters, pregnant women, new mommies and elderly. Walking shapes our life beautifully- it lessens the body fat, reduces the risk of blood clots, improves the working of calf muscles, strengthens our muscles and endless things can be added to the list.
We all should have this in our routine. Getting up early in the morning and going for a brisk walk is a gift to yourself daily. It releases the happy hormones to make your day go fantastic.

Walking slow or fast doesn't matter much- Yes, it doesn’t matter much. The most crucial point here  is the consistency. Daily 30 minutes walk is a must. Don’t remember to tick it daily on your calendar as a task accomplished when you come back from walking. When we walk daily, our body clock settles accordingly so as to sleep early and hence to wake up on time. In kartik maas (month), many people get up around 4am, take a bath and then do their prayers. Some people do that daily. Big cheers for them but those who get up late in the morning, pat on your back and say with confidence and smile- 'I can do it' and ‘I have to do it’. With these positive affirmations, you will definitely get up early in the morning and do your walk and other exercises.

Walking should be part of our kid’s lifestyle- Being the mother of a five year old, I think my son wakes up, gets ready, takes milk and goes to school. Why can't I wake him up 15 minutes early so that he can walk and exercise for those 15 minutes and then perform his duties. Simple things inculcated timely in their routine will definitely lead to formation of good habits in future. It is said that excellence isn't just a one day achievement, it is consistent and continuous efforts that lead to excellence one day. Children who walk regularly are less likely to be obese than those who travel in car all the time. Low levels of physical activity creates many problems for our little munchkins. India’s dietician and nutritionist, Rujuta Diwekar believes that 60 minutes of playtime is essential for our children’s growth even at the cost of studies. Just like we emphasize on the overall development of our kids, Walking, aerobics and physical exercise should be a part of their lives.

Walking in groups or as an individual. Keeping one foot after the other with earphones in a garden is good.  You get to spend time with the most beautiful person in this world i.e You. It increases your confidence and energy levels. But Walking in groups, with good neighbors and pals also holds meaning. Discussing a kid's growth, nutrition and academics, healthy gossips, spiritual things and nutritious recipes can be learnt and shared with your walking friends. Motivating each other and going along for a walk improves mental and physical wellness.

Walking for pregnant and new mommies. When you are pregnant, you can walk unless your gynaecologist has asked you not to do so. It enriches your mood and promises good health. It wards off the chances of thyroid, gestational diabetes, hypertension and many other illnesses and increases the chances of a normal delivery. I remember listening to Hanuman Chalisa while walking on my terrace when I was expecting.  If walking exacerbates any problem, you should stop immediately and consult your doctor.
If you are a newly born mother, you can give yourself a few minutes of moderate walk as per your convenience. Your body signals you better and therefore it is important to listen to it. It also helps you in socialising and hence says goodbye to postpartum depression. Walking your baby in a pram/stroller is better than going for mood uplifting car trips.

So kick away your bed in the morning, get out of your soft blanket, and give yourself a healthy lifestyle just by walking a few steps daily. You may also install a step tracker in your phone to check the count of your steps. The step tracker should be genuine and accurate. It shouldn't increase steps just by travelling in a vehicle. Walking in the garden helps you increase your oxygen levels and increases your life expectancy. So you just need a pair of comfortable shoes and a committed mind to start this free yet powerful workout. Don’t place this idea on the back burner now.
Wake up, Shake up and Walk up the road less travelled by!
I would love to know in comments that when are you taking this commitment of 15 days Walking without fail challenge (WWF-15)?


Sakshi Dua Phutela is a post graduate in Economics Honors from the Department of Economics, Panjab University, Chandigarh. She is a 'work at home' mother, lifestyle blogger and a creative artist. 

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store

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