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Teenage Parenting

As a mother of a thirteen-year-old daughter, I understand how difficult it is to deal with teenagers. Before I move ahead with my life experiences of dealing with teens, let...

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As a teenage mother of a thirteen-year-old daughter, I understand how difficult it is to deal with pre - teens. Before I move ahead with my life experiences of dealing with teens, let us first understand that being a teenager is very hard. We crossed those miles, so we should be able to comprehend this simple fact.

My daughter considered me her role model. And, thus I had to change my behavior, attitude, and well-being. The sole reason is- that I am under her observation.

For all the parents of Teens out there, let us learn the following points

  • Understanding adolescence: Early teens will have many physical and mental challenges like depressed mood, reckless bad behavior, and many more. The bodies change, and there is a massive change in hormonal development. At this stage, they tend to discover themselves. They will have a difficult time along with bad moods and get influenced by their surroundings- friends, parents, close and extended family.

It is okay to have frequent mood swings. Let them face it and give a pat on their back when they are out of it.

  •  Listen, listen and listen:The key to every problem lies in communication. It is one of the important life skills. Beyond communication lies our listening skills. Be patient and listen to their concerns. At the same time, keep a watch on their body language. Sometimes, what you see might be different from what you hear. Paying heed to their words will give better rewards and a healthy lifestyle and mental health for sure.
  • Improve your questioning skills:You may question them about their behavior, friends, games they play, movies they watch, anything- but remember not to judge, assume, predict or accuse them of what you have seen or they have done.

Tips for Parents: Keep simple, general, and open questions like, ‘what happened?’, ‘what is something bothering you?’ “Why do you look so worried or tense?’, etc.

  • Be a helping hand:They are often in their world discovering them, yet they very well understand that they need you. Never hesitate or step back to help your child. They are your kids, and it is your sole duty to guide them.

At the same time, do not get over-involved. Ask questions like, ‘Can I help you, and ‘would you like me to do anything for you?’ These questions will make them understand that you are always there for your kid.

  • Experience is the best teacher:As a teenage parent, build confidence in your kid. Teach, but leave them to handle their difficulties. Provide them the room to make mistakes and learn from them. However, set boundaries for the same. Mistakes are a great way to learn but not blunders.
  • Do not criticize:Maintain healthy relationship Be friendly and cooperative . We do not want our kids to lie to us. Keep all the communication channels open so that they can feel free to approach you anytime. If the scenario demands predetermined questions or difficult situations, maintain a neutral approach. Give them ample space so that they feel comfortable talking to you.

These are a few tips for parenting teens that I follow with my kid. There is no one formula for parenting. However, these techniques proved stress-free in my case.

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She is Achuta Saripalle. She is an Engineer by qualification, banker by profession and writer by passion. She is an adorable mother of a girl child. She is an avid reader who firmly believes that reading definitely helps in writing. To her, not reading a book in hand is equivalent to burning it.

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