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Teenage Parenting Hacks

by Monika Kothari 02 May 2022 0 Comments



Hello readers, your blogger Monika is back with another experience. This time it is not about me or my daughter Kashvi. This is about every teenage child.

Why is so important to welcome them in their teens? It is not just a number that changes, a lot of changes occur in their teens. I am talking about teenage behavior, physical, mental and emotional changes. It is very essential for us being a parent to guide them in this phase. I wanted to write this for my niece Paridhi on her birthday. I noticed some extreme changes in her and I want to understand, what she must be feeling and going through..

Changes in their teens

  • Physical Changes: Every child faces these physical changes in their teenage. It differs for each child. Some may face a little early and others a little late. It can be changed in body size, shape, underarm hair, body odour, and the start of menstrual cycle. Some children put on a lot of weight and some are skinny. Some have glowing skin, some face acne issues, dryness so on. Let them know that all these changes are normal and part of growing up.
  • Emotional Changes: Some kids feel more confident in their teenage and some feel nervous and depressed. As their physical appearance change, it does impact their emotion. Hormonal changes trigger their emotional behaviour. Spend quality time ,Talk to them about their bad mood, moods swings or difficult times and that it's ok to feel that way.
  • Cognitive Changes or Mental Changes: At this age, kids start to see what they feel. Not just outer appearance. They can make out the situation and fake smiles. Their emotions are as dramatic as their mental health changes. They are no more kids and are not yet adults. So, as parents we have to maintain positive relationship , as their friends and confidant, so the kids can openly express and their feelings or worries with us.


How to deal with them: 

  • Maintain Healthy Relationship,They want you to listen to them, understand them rather than lecture.
  • They don't want any comparison with another child.
  • Make them feel comfortable in these changes.
  • Talk to them and guide them in their  difficult time.
  • Be their friends than parents.
  • Make an eye contact,make them talk to you openly. Address their questions and doubts.
  • A healthy diet and physical activity is a must, make them understand why it is important for them to have a healthy lifestyle.
  • If your child is going through any depression or stress. Talk to them or go for counselling.
  • Last but not least you are their parent and they are your kids. They need you at every stage of their life emotionally, mentally, and physically. Believe in them and be involved in their life. Every child is beautiful. So welcome your little bean into their teen with a wide-open hand and a cozy hug.

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Monika Kothari is a blogger outside the experience in import and export company as a Public Relation Executive, Marketing Executive in outdoor media firm. She is a house wife and a mother of beautiful daughter. She is passionate about writing her experience and sharing to the world. 


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