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6 Healthy Habits for Children

by Divya Bhatia 13 Dec 2021 0 Comments

Kids are called mini-adults or copycats as they copy adults very commonly and they form most habits by observing parents and other family members. Kids pick habits very quickly, whether good or bad, so it is very important to build some good habits in them from a young age.

Parents not only influence children’ behaviours but also act as ideal role models in insulting healthy habits in kids. Healthy habits inculcated at a young stage in life can act as a very important factor for the overall development of the child.

Few healthy habits to Inculcate in kids at an early age

Helping out 

Kids love to help. It is important to build a habit of helping up from the very beginning. Invite them to do an age-appropriate small task. Small children and toddlers can help in grocery sorting, putting toys on shelves, placing things back in place. Older children can help in setting the dinner table, watering plants, chopping vegetables and other household work areas. Here are some pretend play toys your little one can play and learn with before getting into real chores.

Eat healthily

As parents, we have to help kids understand the nutritional value of food. Help them understand between nutrient-dense food as labelling food as good food and other packaged food as bad food. Encourage them to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, more colourful food. Try to deal with food rejection by making food interesting by trying different shapes of fruit or using their favourite cutlery.

Sharing is Caring 

Say Please and Thankyou. Please’ and ‘Thank You’ are magical words that can handle most jobs without any hassles, and that’s what every parent would want the child to know. Do frequently use these words in front of children and encourage them to use them more often.

Physical exercise

Do involve young kids in some form of physical exercise. Start with infants by involving them in child yoga, walking, running etc. As age progresses they involve them in regular exercise or meditation for half an hour every day. Do encourage lots of outdoor play and help them choose one as per their interest.


Developing strong reading skills is one of the best habits which you can gift your child. Reading can start as early as a child is in the womb. Engage yourself in good literature during the pregnancy period. And continue with reading with infants. Infants love being read to and seeing a colorful picture in a book. Slowly progress with age and there are so many good books you can introduce them to. Build a reading corner in the house and let them pick a book for every day which they would like to read.

Built curiosity in them

Take them to new places, be it historical, spiritual, natural trails. What they learn from the practical world is nothing compared to what they learn from books and the classroom. Encourage them to observe and ask lots of questions. So, our work as parents is to introduce them to healthy habits and give them sufficient opportunity to develop and incubate healthy habits as a lifestyle.

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Divya is Mom to three years old cute little Child Nivaan. She is first time mom raising a happy and compassionate child. 
She believes in effortless parenting and fun ways to engage toddler. Also her firm message to other parents is "Dont stress over mess" as one day kids will outgrow this stage.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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