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Self Care Tips For Moms | World Health Day 2022

by Anindita Ganguly 06 Apr 2022 0 Comments


This World Health Day, let's talk about self-care for new mothers. Motherhood is one of the most beautiful experiences in life. This journey cannot be put into words, for all the emotions, love, care and joy that it brings forth is simply inexplicable. Nevertheless, it is a complete roller coaster ride, wherein each day brings new challenges for the mother.

The Need for Self-Care : During pregnancy, most women take care of themselves and are concerned about their health, and her family and well-wishers take utmost care of her, and pamper her. However, soon after the child is born, all the focus shifts to the new born. Birth, whether it is a vaginal or a cesarean section, the physical and mental changes that a woman transitions through, puts an immense stress on the mother. She might still be recovering physically and emotionally, while feeding and taking care of her child. At this stage, she often tends to sacrifice her sleep, food and self-care. The child becomes most important for her. The family also mostly pamper the baby, and not the mother. During pregnancy, she must have visited her doctor every month, but after the six-week's mandatory visit, hardly doctor appointments are made, unless there is something serious. However, this is the stage of life, where she has to stretch herself beyond her limits, compromising on the hours of sleep, tiring herself out with feeding the baby and taking care. She might have support for her baby, but when it comes to her, she is often left without enough support and care. This is why we need to talk about self-care for new mothers.

Self-Care Tips To Help New Mothers


  • Ask for help whenever you need it. Do not try to do everything yourself. From feeding the baby to changing diapers, and cooking meals, you may not be able to do it all yourself.
  • Schedule visits to the doctor. If you feel the need to see your doctor, take out time from busy schedules and do it right away,do not postpone.
  • Try to take naps along with your baby.
  • Eat your meals on time and keep yourself hydrated. If you are breastfeeding, ensure that you are eating healthy and nutritious food.
  • Do not forget to take your supplements prescribed by the doctor.
  • Take care of your mental health. Postpartum depression is very common. Seek counselling if required.
  • Ensure that you have a support system at home in the form of your partner and family.
  • Connect with fellow mom friends. Do not be overwhelmed by all the advice that you receive.
  • Go for walks,take out quiet time to read books, listen to music, meet your friends, and take occasional breaks from your role as a mother. Do not forget the person you were before becoming a busy mother.
  • Go on family vacations. Do not postpone fun and joy just because you are a mother.

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Let motherhood not be a journey of sacrifices, compromising on a mother's mental and physical health. Let it be a journey,a precious time of infinite love and joy.


Anindita Ganguly has a doctorate in English Literature. Her research area is Women's theatre. She has worked as a writer and editor in several publishing houses over the last decade. A voracious reader who loves doodling and is passionate about music, gardening and movies.

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