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Second Time Pregnancy And What To Expect

by Neelima Chawla 25 May 2021 0 Comments
Second Time Pregnancy And What To Expect


Many second time mothers-to-be try to figure out and contemplate whether the second time would be an easy ride or a rollercoaster. Well, there are mixed answers to this and a whole lot of emotions involved. All pregnancies come with their own nature but it is a human tendency to compare our motherhood journeys.

The total experience all over again

You would believe that since you “had been there done that” before and it’s a familiar road, so the second time around you would be more comfortable and prepared to handle what comes in your plate. It is true that you are an experienced mother now however it is only until during your first trimester, when the morning sickness starts to kick in, it hits you and you recall all the previous experiences (from sleepless nights to labor pain) and wonder how you fell for that trap again.

Looking after your toddler while being pregnant

Also, this time you already have your little monster with you to look after. You already have plenty of responsibilities on you from those tantrums, homework, cleaning up, feeding, cuddling etc. So you are basically taking care of your not so tiny human, yourself and the little life inside you at the same time, which could be exhausting. However, by now you are already a great multi-tasker like all mothers are.

Your symptoms and appearance do not have to be the same as last time

Do not be surprised if you are not craving those chocolate donuts like you did in your earlier pregnancy. Your symptoms and cravings do not have to be the same as your last time. This is affected by many factors such as age, weather, any complications or other things. Every pregnancy is different from the other one. So it is best not to compare the journey to your last pregnancy or for that matter to any other would be mom. As for physical features, for second time pregnant ladies the bump might show up early as the uterus muscles have expanded before as well and now have loosened up. So mamas get ready to flaunt that beautiful baby bump way earlier.  

More matured and experienced to take on the role

You must have heard many say that the first time is always exciting and full of joy. Yes, there is always a charm about being a first time mother for you and the entire family but you would still experience butterflies during the second time around. At the same time you would worry less about the unusual or rather weird symptoms. As by now you are a lot more experienced and matured to take on the motherhood journey all over again.

Breaking the news to your toddler 

The happiness of giving your first born a sibling is priceless. Breaking the news to your toddler and explaining to him or her that another little human is on the way can get overwhelming. Your elder will soon adjust and will love the baby profoundly with open arms and that will be an absolutely amazing sight to behold and cherish forever for that bond, will be forever. The emotions involved are too intense for a new mom to be whether it is one or many children for a mother has infinite space in her heart to love all her children immensely and equally. The journey of motherhood will always be beautiful when you are handed your newborn in your arms.


Neelima is a multi skilled mother to a 6 year old having a vast experience in the aviation sector for more than a decade. Not just a cabin crew, she is also a freelance aviation and image management trainer, blogger, model, beauty and makeup advisor, foodie, Reiki healer and still exploring more. She has a passion for writing and expresses her experiences and journeys through her blogs.

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