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Pregnancy - Make It a Happy Phase!

Whether it’s a planned pregnancy, or it’s a surprise, this is the best phase of a woman’s life. The confirmation of the pregnancy can make you feel happy, curious, confused,...

The Mom Store; Pregnancy Journey; Maternity Wear; Photo by Dipin Maharjan on Pexels

Photo by Dipin Maharjan on Pexels

Whether it’s a planned pregnancy, or it’s a surprise, this is the best phase of a woman’s life. The confirmation of the pregnancy can make you feel happy, curious, confused, anxious, worried, stressed, and what not! And that’s an important stage where you have to keep calm and deal with the changes inside you and around you.

Morning sickness, fatigue, nausea, low appetite or constant hunger, low energy are a few initial symptoms, vomiting during Pregnancy all moms-to-be has experience. And we don’t know how to deal with it. Most of the families are nuclear these days and so a mom-to-be has a lot of personal and professional responsibilities to juggle, and I understand it can be stressful. But as our grand moms say, a pregnant woman should stay happy and not stressed. What can we do to make ourselves happy?

  • Take Your ‘Me Time’: 
    This ‘Me Time’ is perfect time , extremely important for a mom-to-be. This is the time you dedicate to yourself. Take good care of yourself. Just sit and relax for a while before you start your Everyday Life. Meditate or enjoy your tea time. Feel at peace and communicate with your unborn. Talk positively to your unborn. I am sure, it will give you all Good mental Health and the energy to thrive through the day.

  • Listen to Good Music: 
    Have you heard about 'the music therapy' yet? Though we don’t need a therapist for it. Music works like magic to uplift your mood. Every time you feel low or worried, just plug your earphones and play soothing or any music of your choice. You can have a little dance to the tunes if your doctor allows. Mark my words, it will uplift your mood in seconds and will keep you away from stress during pregnancy. 

  • Don’t Miss Out on Exercise or Walk:
    Walk for minimum 15 mins or do very little exercises as daily ritual after consulting your doctor. If you are asked to take complete bed rest, please obey your doctor. But if your doctor allows you to go for a walk, go for it. If you are allowed to go for prenatal Yoga, go for it. It will only ease up your muscles and help you in the last trimesters of Pregnancy when your movements will be restricted and you will need a lot of strength and flexibility to deliver your baby. Go for a walk with your husband, your bond will also get stronger. I cannot emphasis enough on this point. Concentrate on your breathing and feel relax.

  • Learn a New Skill: 
    Learn something new that you always wanted to learn. It will only help you reduce your anxiety and utilize your time for good. Your busy mind will keep you stress-free. Learn a new skill like painting, drawing, singing, Mandala art, or take up any online course that will up-skill you professionally so that after your maternity break you will still be in the game. I have heard, learning new skills can help your child’s growth.

  • Read Good Books:
    Read books that interest you. Read mythology, devotional books, romantic or thriller novels, etc. Read anything you like. Reading helps in a lot of ways. It keeps you away from the stress and it also improves your creativity, and so your child’s. Reading before bed is highly recommended.

  • Reduce Your Screen time:
    Try to reduce your screen time. If you are a working mom, you are already spending time, a lot of hours in front of a screen. Try to reduce your screen time and give some rest to your eyes, neck and hands. You are already a busy mom-to-be, give yourself some break from any kind of content consumption and relax. Put two cucumber slices on your closed eyelids, and chill.


Follow your routine but do not stress yourself to do more. Your health is as important as your child’s health. This is the time to pamper yourself. Prioritize your mental and physical health for a healthy pregnancy. Happier Pregnancy is equal to healthier pregnancy. Let me know what else do you do to release your stress or anxiety during pregnancy and Gets Happy time.

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 About The Author:  
Apoorva Arvandekar is a homemaker, a passionate blogger, and an upcoming YouTuber

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.



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